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Romantic Date Ideas at Home

Girija Shinde Nov 30, 2018
It is not necessary to always leave home and go out for a date. You can also spend some quality time at home.
Our hectic lifestyle does not allow most of us to stay at home and relax. Due to the common misconception that a date is equal to going out, one tends to spend the weekend away from home. Hanging out with your beloved is no doubt an interesting idea, but after some time that becomes a routine. For a change why not stay in and create a romantic atmosphere?
Apart from getting a chance to be at home, there are some other advantages also. Firstly, one can get complete privacy at home, which is seldom possible outside. Secondly, you won't have to waste your time in getting ready (according to guys, half the time goes in it!). Thirdly, you won't have to spend money.

Stimulating Bath

Got a golden chance to be at home with your partner? Create a romantic setting by lighting scented candles and put on some soft romantic music. Sit back and relax in a bathtub! It will definitely be the best romantic date for your boyfriend.
Add lavender bubble bath to your bathtub, for lavender is said to relax the body and also has a exotic fragrance. You can also add a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. You can also give your guy a chocolate massage, just before the tub bath, it will surely bring out the romance.


Everyone has different notions of 'romantic'. Some find buzzing activity romantic, whereas some find relaxing romantic. Women are said to be more interested in cooking, but there are some men who are fond of cooking too.
This is one of the best romantic date ideas for married couples. All you have to do is, take your guy to the kitchen and start experimenting with the food items.
You don't need to take this cooking activity too seriously, as it is meant for fun. You will need to teach your guy (or for that matter, even the girl sometimes!) many things, which can be absolutely anything, ranging from holding a knife to boiling an egg! And teaching things can be really romantic, provided you know the right way.


Star gazing is one of the cutest romantic date ideas for your husband and you. Grab your pillows and a single blanket and rush to your roof. You can also take a bottle of wine and a few snacks, but the basic idea is to lie down and stare at the sky.
The blowing wind, complete silence, and starry sky; nothing can be more romantic than this. You can have a long chat about stupid and funny things, but this atmosphere generally makes people philosophical and romantic.

Home Picnic

As the name suggests, this idea is to have a picnic at home. You can create a camp site at home or on your patio. Build a tent and take a sleeping bag and a small music system inside. And yes, do not forget the food.
Once you are in the tent, forget that you are adults. Just let yourself go; act like kids and enjoy like them! Jump, shout, fight, scream, and do everything that you would do if you were a child. By being like a child, your partner will be able to enjoy that part of your life, which he never got to witness.