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Romantic Ideas for You and Your Boyfriend

Girija Shinde Nov 30, 2018
If you want to surprise your boyfriend with a romantic date, then here are a few ideas that you can choose from.
Generally, initiative for proposals are taken by guys. Not only proposals, even the dates after that are mostly arranged by them. However, even girls should take the initiative of arranging a memorable date for their beloved. In fact, women proudly boast that they have better insight of beauty and esthetics than men.

Romantic Evening

The best time for meeting your boyfriend is late evening. Not pitch dark night, but the time when the sun is about to set. It is a very romantic time of the day. Candle light dinners have become too common, do something different to impress him.
Take him for a surprise ride on a Victorian carriage driven by horses. He will surely love it. You can also have a complete Victorian style date. Go on a town ride in that carriage. A ride by the beach side is also a fantastic idea.

Movie Under the Sky

For this, you will need to search for a park, where there is a stage or something similar to a stage. Pick one of his most favorite comedy flick, a big blanket, and a set of pillows. 
This idea will work great if you can arrange it during the night. It will be fun to snuggle and watch his favorite flick and his smile, under the sky! You can also plan this for his birthday.


Guys are fond of sports, all kinds of sports. And skating is one such activity, that you can enjoy together. If possible, go for ice skating. Nothing can be more fun than snow fall, speed and a boyfriend to hug. 
But be sure that you are comfortable with skating, so that you do not make a fool of yourself. Skating is not only fun but also cheap and inexpensive.
Instead of skating, you can also go for trekking. If possible, avoid the popular spots of trekking. Go for some unusual trekking spots, like haunted hills. Your guy will feel very proud of your 'bravery' of choosing a haunted place! And in a way, he also gets to show some chivalry.

Romantic Evening on a Beach

Nothing can beat the idea of romance on the beach. A long walk together on the beach is romantic, but if you want to make it a proper romantic date, you will need to do a certain things.
First of all, buy or make a small basket. Fill the basket with flowers. Put a bottle of champagne or wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate, in it. Also add a small music player to the basket.
Barbecue on the beach is always a hit, if not possible, carry foodstuff that can remain warm for a long time. You can also implement this plan at midnight to spend time with him under the stars.
Other than these, you can also think of some creative ideas for boyfriend like, decorating his room, when he is not around or making him a collage of your photographs, that he can always keep close to him. Getting a t-shirt printed with a photograph of both of you and personal message is also a great creative idea for your boyfriend.