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Romantic Things You Can Do to Fall Madly in Love All Over Again

Rashida Khilawala Dec 10, 2018
Often, we think of something very romantic to do and carry it through effectively, only when needed. Nonetheless, more often than not, we get so taken into the routine of life, that there is no romance. Here a few romantic things to do to bring back the romance in your life.
What is romance? As Disraeli very rightly says, "Romance has been elegantly defined as the offspring of fiction and love." Don't you agree? Many relationships go on without romance, hence, the frustration and differences. Try out these few romantic steps and rekindle the light of love in your relationship.

Mid-night walk

Go for a walk together, at midnight. Don't just walk. Walk hand in hand and talk to each other. Talk about anything that comes in your mind and listen to what your partner has to say as well. This will refresh the relationship.

Love Letter

Write your sweetheart a love letter. Even if you don't know how to write one. Write whatever you can, straight from the heart. Don't copy from anywhere, your true feelings are more perfect than any poem or epic in the world.

Cook it up

This one is an age-old treatment for the influence of routine on your love life. Cook food together. How you'll eat it, doesn't matter, as long as you'll cook it together and enjoy the experience.

Re-live old days

This one is, specially, for the ones who have been together for too long. Go out on a "first date" all over again. Go to a completely new place and dress all up for it. Surely, you won't be as nervous as you were on your first date. But, the experience should be fun.

Do Nothing

Spend a day together doing, absolutely, nothing. Read together, go through your daily chores, together. Do everything, together. You could also spend the day sitting around and doing nothing all day. It can be fun, really!

Shower time

Shower together. Against popular belief, it is not only to heat up the sex life, but also to rejuvenate the romance. Scrub each others backs and shampoo each others hair. The gentleness and the love will be more apparent than ever, this way.


This can be done when the two of you are in a party. Flirt with each other, voraciously. Be the biggest flirts in the place. Sing for each other, use pick-up lines that work on each other and buy each other drinks.
The woman can give the guy all the attention and use pick-up lines indiscreetly and the guy can try to be as slick as possible. It will be a lot of fun!


Communicate with each other, without words. Use only your body language and eyes. This way, you'll need to look at each other all the time. What can be more romantic than having your sweetheart's eyes on you the whole time?


Nothing can spell romance the way roses can. Do this when you are not at home (according to your partner) and they are. Buy your partner a dozen long-stemmed (or however they like it) red roses and leave it at the front door.
Then call them up and tell them to open the front door. This will be a good surprise. Once they see and pick up the roses, go and give them a hug and a long kiss.

To your back

You can do this when your partner is engrossed in something that is mentally stressful. Go behind them and give them a hug and a kiss on the neck. Then just whisper in their ear, "I love you, forever".

Carry on

This could simply be a daily tradition that the two of you could follow. Everyday, carry her to bed. Don't just leave it for the honeymoon. Do this every night. Not only will it increase your stamina, it will also assure her of your love, every night.
The most important and the best romantic thing to do, is to love each other, truly, madly, deeply and forever.