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Create the Perfect Ambiance With These Romantic Dinner Ideas

Swapnil Srivastava Apr 19, 2019
Romantic dinners are less of a conventional way to impress your date, and more of the efforts to express your true feelings. Let's look at some ideas which you can use to make such a dinner a truly memorable experience.
Whether you want to create the perfect ambiance for Valentine's Day eve, or plan a special date with your better half, a romantic dinner can surely be a great way to express your love and care. Planning one may involve a lot of time and effort, but if things go smooth, it's all worth it.
After starting off with your own menu and decorating the table to create the right ambiance, an idea of the mellifluous sound of some slow music will surely impress that special one. Here are a few romantic dinner ideas which should leave your beloved eager for the next date.
➤ You can plan an outdoor date, stay back and cook by your own, or do both. The only thing which should be kept in mind is that it is no fun if you are not able to focus on your date and the ongoing mushy conversations.
You can also cook back at home and carry the edibles to a tranquil and secluded beach, in order to have a great time under the serene skies.
➤ Of course it's a special occasion and this should be made evident by being a bit lavish. You can buy stylish new apparel to wear and some decent accessories to woo your date. A small gift would also add to the flavor of true love expressed from your side, and make the dinner more intimate.
➤ The mood for your dinner is an important thing and to set it up well, is something as important as the dinner itself.
You can make the dining space a bit sensual by placing two candles on high holders at both ends of the table. Flowers and scents also play a huge role by bringing in a wave of love and relaxation. Some good scents which can be used are lavender, mandarin, jasmine, vanilla, and rosewood.
➤ A proper presentation of appetizers and salads can even jazz up a simple dinner date. Anything with cheese is a good appetizer and small helpings of seafood like shrimp can also add to the taste. A dash of red hue like tomatoes or red bell peppers can make the appetizers more presentable.
There are hundreds of salad recipes you can choose from, when deciding on your dinner date, but it is advisable not to be overly experimental, and go with the usual norms like green salads or mixed vegetables. Salads can be placed in colorful plates and make them more presentable by using outer layer of avocados, papayas, or coconuts.
➤ Casanova was famous for his unmatchable combination of mesmerizing charm and a bottle of champagne with oysters.
Maybe it's just that alcohol helps you and your companion to feel less inhibited, but the truth is there is something special and romantic about a bubbling glass of champagne. You can also plan to serve the meal with wine and perhaps a few red roses.
➤ If you plan to get extra mushy, the inclusion of some aphrodisiac ingredients like chocolates, garlic, saffron, and asparagus in your romantic meal recipe can surely leave your beloved blushing.
➤ Strawberries and fresh cherries topped with chocolate chunks is always a ravishing idea for dessert. Some simple cookies or cakes with red embellishments can also be baked to make your partner feel special, considering the efforts you have put in.
An intimate dinner can turn out to be expensive, but then it's not something that you do everyday. This kind of effort from your side can really add spice to your relationship and leave a lasting impression on your date.
With all the pressure that one copes up with, all round the week, it is best to plan a date on a weekend in order to enjoy without any time bounds, leaving sufficient time to relax the next day. If planned by heart, a romantic dinner can surely have a positive influence on the beautiful bond between the two souls.