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Don't Overlook! 5 Sure Signs That He Wants to Break Up

Charlie S May 4, 2019
You have a feeling that your boyfriend wants to break up with you, but you're not very sure about it. There are some signs here and there, but you're afraid of bringing it up. Here's an information that might help you figure out whether what you're thinking has some weight or not.
These days, making a relationship succeed is a big challenge. This is due to the varied nature and thinking of people. The way people look at relationships is different and understanding each other is necessary. But, your partner will exhibit some signs if he wants to break up. Here is a list of such signs you should be aware about to reduce mental stress.

He Ignores You

This is one of the most important signs. Instead of directly saying that he is not interested in you, he will not respond to your calls and questions.
By doing so, he expects that you understand that the relationship is over and he is not keen to meet you again. So, if you observe these signs frequently, you need to get over your current relationship.

He Talks Rudely

Consistent rude and arrogant behavior is also a sign that he wants to split. Any person who loves you will not use bad language to hurt you.
He will take care that he keeps you happy all the time. His behavior may be rude when you are together or even in front of other people. However, if you observe such behavior patterns in your boyfriend, then the chances of him being keen to quit the relationship are more.

He Does Not Respect You

One of the most vital signs that indicate that he wants to break up is lack of respect shown towards you. The success of any relationship depends on whether you show respect to your loved one or not.
So, if you observe that he has lost respect for you in recent times, then it might be an indication that he wants you out of his life. Also, it would be very difficult for you to continue a relationship in which your partner does not give you importance and preference in life.

He Does Not Keep his Promises

Consistent failure to keep promises can be an indicator that he is no longer interested in you. This is indeed one of the signs of a bad relationship, which you should not ignore for your own good.

He is Close to Someone Else

If he is being too friendly with another woman, this can, as well force you to think whether to go on with the relationship or not. Most men keep their girlfriends completely unaware of what's exactly going on in their minds.
They do whatever comes to their mind without thinking much of how it can affect the person who loves them. So, if he is more involved with another woman, then let it be a warning sign that the relationship is on the verge of a break-up. You should know when is it time to break up if his attitude towards you does not change.
These are the most commonly observed signs but may not be true in all cases. It may be possible that your boyfriend loves you even if he gets angry or frustrated with you at times. So, the best thing is to directly talk to him and know what's on his mind. Don't let lack of communication ruin your relationship. So, think over it and take the right decision.