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10 Signs Your Guy Is A Man-child

Sonal Dharmadhikari Mar 14, 2019
What do you call a man who is an 'adult' but not a 'grown up'? 'Man-child', of course! This term is literally spot on and figuratively, a warning sign : Irresponsible behavior ahead.

For The Love Of Video Games!

There is a resounding general consensus that the Number 1 sign to identify a man-child is his obsessive attachment to video games.
Indeed, such is the level of this obsession that one doesn't understand where the guy's hands end and where the game consoles begin. Forever glued to the gaming set, swearing at the opponents and doing almost nothing else (in life) is your visual cue to know it's a man-child before your eyes.

No Job Change Is Only Permanent

Being a man-child is a classic case of responsibility shrugging. Holding down a stable job and advancing one's career is something a man-child can seldom learn to do. Result? His part-time job from college is probably still his only job.

Slob Level : Pro

Unmade beds, no wardrobe to speak of, soiled dishes lying around the room, and a questionable status of personal hygiene - one would think we are talking about lazy college teens who are yet to grow up.
But actual grownup (by age) men-children (by nature) have these incorrigible habits which can drive any responsible person up the wall. Seriously, would it be so bad to own up to the room you own, men-children?

Cooked Meals Are Non Existent

Only with the man-child can you find a veritable stash of cereals which he calls 'meals' (read Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner et al). Men-children have little patience or enthusiasm to cook (or budget to order proper meals all the time).
So it's either the cereal stash or innumerable precooked meals sent by his mother or girlfriend. Which would be praiseworthy if he'd be doing a 20-hour long job, which isn't the case.

A Commitment To Non-Commitment

There is nothing more scary to the man-child than the prospect of commitment. Given his way, he might fool around for as long as it pleases him, and not get serious about a steady significant other.
Asking him to 'settle down' is a futile exercise anyway, so don't get your hopes too high on that subject.

Mamma's (Clingy) Boy

Want to get laundry done? Mamma! Want to get meals cooked? Oh yes, Mamma. Want to pay bills? Mamma...will do it eventually.
A man-child wouldn't get half his things done if it weren't for his mother. Sometimes you feel more for the poor woman than her son who forgot to grow up.

A (Non)Sense of Humor

Let's just say his sense of humor didn't grow up, just like him.
If he thinks 'toilet jokes' will have 'people laughing till water sprouts out from their noses'...wouldn't we all agree that's gross?

Flying Off The Handle

You didn't reply to his text message by two minutes...two minutes. TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!! He's screaming already.
Expressing anger in a restrained manner is an alien concept to the man-child. And his fights with his friends are, literally that. FIGHTS.

Children Are Better Adults Than This Man-Child

Forget life-crises, men-children can't even handle everyday problems well. They will crib, throw tantrums, blame other people and never accept any defeat or mistake.
Well-mannered children are better at behaving like a 'grownup' than this man-child, don't you think?