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Signs of a Bad Relationship

Kashmira Lad Oct 27, 2018
If you are in a relationship, there are certain cues you need to be tuned in to. Here are few telltale signs of a bad relationship, which you can use as a guide to identify and rectify issues.
Have you ever wondered about the depths of your relationship? Are you happy with your partner, or are you the kind that prefers to go with the flow? A good relationship may suddenly develop cracks due to unseen factors. This may happen much before you even realize it is heading to nowhere.
Why does any relationship, that seems really strong at one point, ultimately result in a break up? Have you ever wished to salvage it, for that matter? Was there a point when you had thoughts like "If only I had known he felt that way ...", or "If only she had spoken to me about it!"? There are certain signs that can help you to gauge where it's headed for.
Read about some of these signs that can hopefully help you to assess the situation, and save your relationship from falling apart.

Lack of Communication

Any good relationship starts off on a good note with chocolates, flowers, and endless talks on the phone. However, as time goes by, you would probably note the difference when your partner does not communicate with you often. This is a sure sign of drifting apart. You need to communicate to build healthy bonds.
You may have spoken about work-related issues or hobbies before, but if that has stopped, you can surely know that it is a danger sign. Talking it out is the smartest option to get to the bottom of the matter.

Constant Cribbing

In a bad relationship, either of the partners are found involved in constant cribbing about each other's traits. This could be about the way you dress, or even about petty issues, on a daily basis.
At times, you may tell yourself that you would deal with it or put up with it. The question here would be: for how long? No one can handle a constant nag, so the sooner you realize it, the better it would be for you.

No Time for Each Other

Have you thought about the amount of quality time you have spent as a couple? A good relationship is when the couple spends a lot of time with each other, despite the daily workload. When he/she does not bother to spend time with you, despite the fact that you both are going steady as a couple, it surely is a waste of time.
You should be willing to talk it out, and solve the problem. No relationship can actually survive without the partners keeping aside quality time for each other.

Constant Abuse

Being physically or mentally abused is a sure hint of a rocky situation. There are many instances where a partner may put up with such behavior for the sake of love. The question again remains: how long can you actually put up with this? Being continually harassed physically is definitely not a sign of love, and you do deserve someone better.
A partner can also harass you emotionally by constantly doubting you, or hurling verbal assaults at you, at all times. If you are facing constant verbal abuse, it's time you thought about moving on in life. Have some self respect.
These few telltale signs should help you to gauge the relation you share with your partner, and make amends wherever required. If your relationship is really important to you, it would be better if you rectify things that are going wrong, to have an association that's for keeps.