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Signs of a Good Man

Aastha Dogra Dec 3, 2018
Here, we present the important signs of a good and humble man.
Any man who is well-groomed, handsome, and has a good sense of humor may seem attractive, at least initially. But remember, meeting somebody for a few hours, and staying with a person everyday, day in and day out, are completely different ball games. So, consider these things when you are living-in or settling down in marriage with a man.


It is not necessary that you and your man's tastes should be the same. He should be someone who appreciates these differences. Someone who is ready to compromise so that the relationship can run smoothly.
If the man you are currently with always wants things to go his way i.e., the decision regarding which restaurant to go to, or which movie to watch, or what to do in general is solely taken by him, and he does not give much value to your likes and dislikes.
It means that he will not prove to be much compromising in the future as well. In this case, an important relationship advice for women is to rethink about your relationship, especially for such situations.

Caring and Respecting

A good man should have a caring and respectful attitude for his woman, and such a person will never hurt her feelings. He will be loyal, caring, and faithful. He will take interest in what his woman does, and will give her his undivided attention.
If your man can't see even a drop of tear in your eyes, or if your man is extremely sensitive towards you and your feelings, if he understands your spoken as well as unspoken words, then he surely is a good person.

Intelligent and Responsible

These are two traits, which are a must-have in any prospective partner. A man should be intelligent and responsible to take care of himself and his family. He should know how to control his actions, words, and anger. He should take good professional decisions.

Optimistic and Cheerful

You never know what life may have in store for you in the future. There may be many ups and downs, even if you plan it well. So, your man should have an even temperament, a positive outlook, and a cheerful disposition to meet any eventuality in life.
Hence, if you find him dealing with his problems in the best possible manner, without feeling bogged down or miserable, if you see that he never gives up, he is the right one for you.
If you think that your man is loving, faithful, caring, has a heart, and is also intelligent, confident, and responsible, you have found your match. When it comes to choosing the man you intend to spend your life with, take your own time. Do not rush things, and get to know him inside out.