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9 Signs You are a Low-maintenance Girl and Yet You ROCK!

Signs You are a Low Maintenance Girl
You know you're a low maintenance girl when no one influences your wardrobe. You're neither a slob nor lazy. You're simply comfortable under your skin, and have no issues stepping out the door without your makeup. There are different signs which indicate that you are a low maintenance girl.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018
Bare Minimum Essentials
Toothbrush, shampoo, and conditioner are the only things a low maintenance girl needs. Your boyfriend's T-shirt and jacket are your prized possessions, as they instantly become your PJs for any spur of the moment plans. Unlike many, you have absolutely no issues repeating your clothes.
Hate Shopping
The words 'picky' and 'shopping' are not in your vocabulary. Shopping, to you, is a Herculean task. While others dote on their favorite brands; a label has little to no value for you.
Cinderella Moment
Makeup and you don't fit in the same sentence. If an occasion calls for you to 'look good', you have the bare essentials, which are close to their expiry date. What's worse is that, every time you wear makeup and dress up a little, people react as if they've just witnessed Cinderella's bippity-boppity-boo moment.
No Bad Hair Days
You have a no-fuss hairstyle, which can easily be worn down, ponytail, or in a messy bun. The only time you visit a salon is for a quick haircut. You almost never have a bad hair day, and if such a day does present itself, you're ready with your best friend - the scrunchy.
Dress For Comfort
You've successfully mastered the art of taking a quick shower, and are secretly proud for getting ready in 10 minutes or less. You dress for comfort with your favorite jeans, which are your must-have for any occasion. As for shoes, you may have a few classic pairs which go with anything, buy none are stilettos.
Travel Light!
You're easy to travel with as you travel light. You truly believe that your whole world can fit in a bag. Be it for school or you're traveling, you pack things that are only essential, and which can fit in a single backpack.
Saturday Nights
You're perfectly content spending Saturday nights at home watching movies and munching popcorn. You don't always need a fancy dinner and the whole shabang; a pizza and a couple of beers are your idea of an ideal date.
Decisions, Decisions
You hate being asked questions like what do you want to eat? Or where do you want to go? However, indecisiveness is a huge turn-off. You have little to no expectations, and are a more go-with-the-flow kind of gal.
Valued Gift
You're not a big spender yourself, and you do not expect others to do the same for you. You love the simple things in life, and to you, a thoughtful gift is better than a pricey one. If you must receive a gift, you'd like it to be thoughtful, from the heart, and practical.
No matter what the world perceives you to be; you know who you are and that's what matters. You're easy to be around, hate drama, and are non-judgmental, making you a remarkable human being. These amazing qualities are what attracts people to you. So, just be proud of being a classic low maintenance beauty.