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Special Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Uttara Manohar Sep 29, 2018
Want to tell your special someone how much he means to you? Discover a host of special things to do for your boyfriend to show him just how much you appreciate him for being there for you through thick and thin.
The busy working weeks hardly give you time to take a break and appreciate the loved ones in your life. Once in a while everyone likes to be pampered and celebrated, without any special occasion.
If you love your boyfriend and want to take the time and effort to let him know what he means to you, you should consider doing something special for him. Use these ideas or add your own twist to these to make sure you plan the perfect treat for your guy.

Beautiful Morning Surprise

Plan this on a weekend when both of you have ample time to spend together. You might need to make a few preparations beforehand as well. Nothing says I love you like breakfast served in bed!
Plan a beautiful breakfast for your boyfriend - if you hate cooking, remember that it doesn't have to be anything too complicated. Get chocolate chip waffles, toast them, add some whipped cream top it with slices of fresh strawberries and cherries.
Make a cup of hot chocolate and add a few of your boyfriend's favorite cookies. Take the breakfast by the bedside and add a few other mushy things like a bunch of fresh flowers! 
Now wake him up with the sweetest Good morning kiss! After the breakfast you can curl up on the couch with the morning crossword puzzle! Spend the morning talking and doing any other things that you both love until you guys feel hungry enough for lunch!

Candlelight Dinner with a Twist

Food makes every surprise special doesn't it? Grab a bottle of finest wine and roll up your sleeves to cook a sumptuous meal at home! Make sure you cook all the things he absolutely goes gaga over! 
Once the food and all the other arrangements for the candlelight dinner are in place, half the battle is won. For adding a twist to the old-fashioned candlelight dinner, you need to create a surprise gift for your boyfriend.
Gather all your favorite photographs (digital) and all the video snippets to make a video of all your cherished memories. Make sure you add your boyfriend's favorite romantic songs as a background to the videos. Play the video and enjoy it with your dinner!

Spa at Home

Well if you thought only women appreciate a good back massage and some pampering skin treatments, then wake up and smell the coffee. In case you want the massage to be really good, you can quickly look up for some quick tips on how to give a good massage. 
Create a relaxing atmosphere with some soothing aromatherapy candles and create a massage table with a padded yoga mat and some disposable sheets. Also add in the background some relaxing music, but make sure you play it at a low volume - you don't want the music to take over the entire ambiance.
Warm up some massage oil and give a soothing massage. Now surprise him with a homemade rejuvenating body pack or even a facemask.
While the pack is drying, draw him a relaxing bath with rose petals and aromatherapy oils in the bathtub. Now just allow him to enjoy the refreshing bath. If things go really well you might end up enjoying it with him!
While planning it is important that you use your creativity and put in some thought to modify the given plans to suit your boyfriends tastes.