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Reasons Why You Should go on a Second Honeymoon

Meghraj Dhabale Jan 10, 2019
If the first honeymoon is about getting to know each other well, a second honeymoon is most probably about celebrating the success of continuing an intimate bond.
A second honeymoon is a great way to relive the romantic moments of a happy union. It's about enriching the bond of splendid togetherness by giving each other quality time. Far away from any botheration or responsibilities, being there only for each other will definitely revitalize your relationship. Here are some more reasons to do an encore.

Insanely in Love with Each Other

Relive the moments and the fond memories of insanely loving each other. A second honeymoon can also be a time to express your love and reiterate your feelings towards your spouse, sans the distractions.

A Retake of What Went Wrong

A second honeymoon can be a good excuse to make amends about those embarrassing moments or incidences that you may have experienced the first time.
This was due to nervousness or some inevitable circumstances like lack of time, money, or bad weather that ruined all your plans. So, do a flawless retake of all your desires on a honeymoon redux.

Spend Some Quality Days Together

Spend some quality time together, away from the hassles of parenting. It is time to pamper and heal your relationship.
Remember, you are a husband or a wife before you took on the responsibility of raising kids. A second honeymoon is all about being a lover again, first, and then a parent.

Second Marriage, Second Honeymoon

As they say, a second time is always better than the first. A second honeymoon can help you overcome the hurt and sorrow of the previous sojourn, and fill your life with joy and happiness.

Fulfill Your Secret Desires

Why not pack your bags and head to the destination you always dreamed of visiting, to fulfill all the fantasies and secret desires that remained unfulfilled the first time around. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Visit Your Dream Destination

For your first honeymoon, may be, your spouse wanted to go to a different location, but you ended up at a different one for whatever reason. Now is a great excuse to fulfill your spouse's wish, and jet set to your second honeymoon.
All those couples who are truly madly deeply in love with each other for a long time, it's time to sit together in front of each other, hold hands, gaze deep into each other's eyes, and ask your spouse whether he/she is really, really happy with the journey so far. Then, just try to read his/her eyes, and renew your love commitment.