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Sweet Things You Can Do for Your Boyfriend to Show Him You Care

Sweet Things to Do for Your Boyfriend
It need not be always your boyfriend who goes out of his way to make you feel special. Do some sweet things for him and show him how much he means to you.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
It is no secret that men are always on a look out for newer ways to please their ladylove. Some profess their love by buying her expensive gifts while some romantic souls compose songs and poetry for the one and only woman in their life. Some guys even go to extreme lengths and end up doing reckless things like climbing Eiffel Tower just for their sweetheart.
Romanticism has always been associated with men, hence throughout the history we find several incidences of how great lovers like Romeo and Antony spent every living moment of their life wooing their ladyloves. Back to twenty first century and men are still forerunners when it comes to doing sweet, romantic things for their love. So, if you feel time has come to return their sweet gesture, here is some unique relationship advice for women. In this article, you will find several ideas on sweet things to do for your boyfriend.
Things to do on His Birthday
You cannot ask for a more appropriate day for doing something special for him, than his birthday. So roll your sleeves and bake a special birthday cake for him. He will be touched by your sweet gesture of love. Spend some quality time with him and his family (yes, his family as well! A guy always loves a girl who is considerate towards his folks!).
In the evening take him to his favorite restaurant and treat him to his favorite food. You can even consider a role reversal of sorts and take him to a shopping spree. Let him buy anything he wants. Though this will embarrass him a little, he will appreciate your kindness, nonetheless. Another special thing to do for your boyfriend on his birthday is, playing guitar for him or dedicating a song to him at a karaoke club.
Make His Valentine's Day Special
Valentine's day is marked by the celebration of love. So, choose this particular day to do countless sweet and romantic things for your boyfriend. Make a special breakfast for him and wake him up with a long kiss. Give him his Valentine's present with yet another kiss. Have a cozy lunch together at your favorite joint or cook at home if you are feeling up to it.
Cooking for your man is the sweetest thing you can do for him (next to making love of course!). So cook up a nice meal comprising his favorite dishes and spread it lavishly on the dinner table. Lit up a few aromatic candles and set the mood for a perfect Valentine's evening. Open the bottle of a fine wine and allow him to indulge in a culinary delight. Even though you are a horrible cook, your guy will still appreciate your efforts and love you for that. End the day with a long lingering kiss.
Memorable Things to Do on an Anniversary
So, it's another milestone in your journey together and what a better way to celebrate it then, to spend it in the company of man who stood by you throughout this journey! So cancel all your appointments for the day and ask your sweetheart what he wants to do on this special day. Agree to his plans even though you are not entirely pleased (It is alright to give in to his demands once a while!). If he does not have anything particular on his mind, hop in a car and drive him to a scenic location nearby. Give him a bunch of wild flowers and whisper in his ears how much you love him.
Random Sweet Things You Can Do
Men often joke that if women wish to please them, they should come naked with a beer! However, there are innumerable ways to surprise your boyfriend with sweet little gestures without resorting to such extremes. Given below are some random things you can do for your boyfriend
  • Give him a full body massage after he returns from a hard day at work.
  • Call him at work just to say 'I Love You'.
  • Stick post-its around his house with cute romantic messages on them.
  • Dedicate a romantic love song for him on your local radio station.
  • Watch his favorite game with him on weekends.
  • Show some interest in his hobbies.
  • Gift him something without a reason. Remember, the gift need not be an expensive one.
Your deep, unconditional love is the biggest gift you can give to your boyfriend. Hence, love him with all your heart and keep the flame of your romance burning by sweet gestures here and there.
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