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12 Things Every Couple Must Do Before Getting Married

Things Every Couple Must Do Before Getting Married
Noted Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke aptly summed up a marriage when he said, "a good marriage is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude". Marriage binds two souls as one, but before saying "I do" and regretting it later, it's better and important for both partners to decide whether they are completely ready for the big moment or they require more time.
Jhulin Bihari
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
To all aspiring couples, well, before you guys plan to get hitched, take time to think and re-think your decision to tie the knot. There are a lot of things couples should do before getting married, because these will make things easy and clear, for this decision involves spending one's entire life with someone. And especially the ladies, make your decision without starring at "YOUR PROPOSAL RING"; trust me, it helps. Remember diamonds are materialistic, trust and love are the actual jewels of life.
Spend some quality time together
It's important for couples to spend time together. If it's a long-distance relationship, then you can always opt for online interaction. And if you live nearby, then plan for dates and have dinner or lunch together. Even opting for moving in for a few weeks will help you understand how things will work out after marriage. Similarity and differences in tastes and habits will eventually come up, and it's up to both of you to decide how you handle them.
Get involved in your partner's interest
Girl loves to cook and her partner loves her hobby
Discuss what you people like as individuals, like painting, gardening, dancing. Have a thorough discussion about your hobbies. See how you react to a particular activity, whether it gets on your nerves, or you too enjoy it.
Discuss finance
monetary issues
It's a big no-no for couples to hide debts and loans. Talk it over, and see how you can work it out as a team. Plan your budget, investments, creating accounts, whether maintaining a joint account or having two separate accounts. Plan how you would share the bills and rents. Buying and selling of properties needs to be discussed too.
Open up to your partner's family
meet relatives
Guy feeling nervous on meeting his fiance's relatives for the first time.
It's important as a couple to meet each others' family and friends. Spend time with them, and yeah, routine visits are not required, but make it a point that you meet and get together as a family. It's essential to know your partner's loved ones and close buddies. This will help you socialize and feel comfortable as an individual. With time, you will share a close bond with your spouse's family and gang.
Discuss Beliefs/Faith
As a couple, before marriage try to understand your partner's faith. You need to decide whether you want to stick to yours or share his/her beliefs. Discuss it and ascertain how important is your faith to you as a person, and how this will affect your child's upbringing. It's important to understand how you will carry it forward as a couple after marriage.
Discuss goals/dreams
Discussion about goals and dreams leads to a happy marriage
Before marriage, discuss your priorities - work or home. How are you going to cooperate if your partner faces some challenges to achieve his/her dreams? You need to understand and decide your entire role in helping your partner reach his/her goals. There will be times when some compromise and sacrifices will have to be made; but above everything else, it is important to plan how you choose to reach your goal together.
Discuss having babies
have discussion about babies
Prior discussion about babies will lead to happy married life
Parenting is a wonderful gift of time, but to decide when to start a family and how many kids to have is an individual's choice. Moreover, if you want to adopt or conceive, you should discuss it before marriage. Being a parent can be tedious, try sharing your responsibility.
Decide on location
Discussions about location will help you later
Before the wedding bells ring, decide where you plan to settle down. Who will move in and where, or would you prefer to rent or buying a new house. Do you want to live near any one's family or your offices. After having children, think about your child's schooling and location.
Reveal your true self
true self
Discussion about phobias = happy marriage
Do not leave anything for later! Discuss everything with your partner. All your phobias, secrets, desires, and expectations need to be told and heard. Never linger with secrets or wait for the perfect time, because the perfect time never comes. When you are entrusting your entire life to your partner's care, then it's necessary they accept you the way you are .Your partner needs to be familiar with all your pet peeves, so that, after marriage they know the solution for all your pent up issues.
Discuss family commitments and roles for household chores
family commitments
Before saying "I do", discuss what will be your obligation towards the family, decide how you plan to spend time with your partner and children. Ways by which you can balance work and home, all the work which you guys will share like doing the dishes, cooking or vacuuming. Even if you are lazy, let your partner know about it. There is a reason why your spouse is called your better half.
Plan for a vacation
plan a vacation
Pack your bags and leave together to explore the new feel. Let your hearts "lub dub" to the romance in the air. This will help you guys comprehend how things workout as a couple, this will reveal your taste for what type of travelers you are, whether you are adventure freaks or romantic lovebirds. On the journey, lot of things will be revealed about your reactions under stress and friction so that later on, in life as couple, you know what to do.
Discuss sex and compatibility
happy life ahead
Discuss what type of sex life you desire. Whether you prefer an open marriage or a lifelong commitment to one person will suffice you. Talk and plan on how to retain the charm of your marriage. See how your sexual compatibility works out. Sex is not everything for marriage, but both partners should agree on what they consider as satisfactory sex life.
Do not rush into things. Take it slow, because it's a commitment of a lifetime. So, talk your heart out and if you seem to agree to most things, then you are ready to walk the aisle. Remember, marriage is not easy, but always find a way to bounce back to your beloved. Cheers :)