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Things Only People in a Committed Relationship Can Understand

Jhulin Bihari Jan 10, 2019
Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgment, and a promise. That love leads you into a commitment where two imperfect people are struggling to keep on loving each other.
Being committed is a big step, but it gives you a friend who will stand with you when the whole world is against you. You will have many messy twists, but you need to take turns and be strong in situations when the other feels weak. Once you commit, the entire journey can seem like a crazy ride.
There are a lot of things people in a committed relationship understand, for others it may seem going nuts, but seriously, every moment spent with your loved one is worth it.
You dare not miss commitments like a movie date, dinner or lunch. And if you do, your pissed off partner can almost throw a vase at you. We ladies never miss our shots, but yes, sometimes, not keep our commitments too gives us our annoyed husband/boyfriend.
When you are in a relationship, you needn't fear of being judged. You and your partner can talk about almost anything on earth. A relationships seems more easy than an SAT, because you can answer almost any tough question without the fear of getting it wrong.
Whether it is a lazy Saturday or an electrifying Sunday, you can stay with your beau and glue your eyes to any series. All you want to do is spend the entire day with your beloved.
You welcome your lover's annoying and irritating habits. You guys learn to tolerate each other. A wet towel on the bed gets on our nerves, but still "take a deep breath" and yes, everything is forgotten.
So, you see, love is powerful enough to forgive everything, well not everything, wink wink, women have amazing memories. But keeping aside all faults, unconditional love is showered without asking.
Every couple has their song or poetry, and throwing arms around each other you can hum your favorite tune anytime anywhere. Well, this is what distinguishes committed people from the crowd.
You can converse by merely glancing at each other, and when all of a sudden you and your partner burst into laughter, the rest of the crowd stares at you, making you look like idiots. But never mind the weird stares, as couples, it is common for you, so go ahead and have fun.
As work and other stuff keeps you busy, going out everyday is not possible. So, when you make plans to go on a date, you feel you are on cloud nine. Your excitement knows no boundaries.
You can share almost any secret with your partner. You feel so okay when you share your discomfort. In agony and pain, your beloved's arms makes you feel so secure and safe.
You find your friends so pissed off with you. You get angry stares and cold answers, but after venting all their anger, you finally get your old buddy back.
When you meet your "loviee-dubby's" parents you treat them as if they were yours. You try to give them affection and love. But always proceed with precaution while impressing to-be in-laws, because it can be a tough task.
Being committed or getting hitched scares many of us, but make an exception.You keep on dreaming about the ways by which your partner will amaze you with a marriage proposal.