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Things Only People in Long Distance Relationships Will Understand

Buzzle Staff Dec 1, 2018
Long distance relationships can work brilliantly with proper effort and understanding. There are numerous struggles along the path as well. People in long distance relationships understand the sense of independence. You have a lot of 'alone time' and you are not always clingy and dependent on your partner.

Traveling and Planning

You definitely become more organized and efficient, since you have to draw up a careful plan to meet your love somewhere between remote cities, at airports, or train stations.
You plan holidays in advance, when your partner is free, and sometimes, it does get difficult spending festivals without him. You are financially wiped out from the constant traveling, since you spend your money on plane tickets, gas, phone calls, Internet, etc.

Issues With Time Zones and Electronic Appliances

You are well-versed with different time zones, since you are used to talking with your partner at all times, whenever either/both of you are free, and you sacrifice sleep most of the time.
You are an expert with online video conferencing, distance calling schemes, and personal networking services. Your phone and laptop are your best friends, your weekends are booked for your partner's calls, and your phone/Internet bills always exceed limits.

Your Relationship With Friends

A pro you can count on is that, you get enough time with your friends; since your partner isn't here, you don't have to cancel friends' time.
A con though is that, most of your friends are concerned for you, and doubtful if it's a real relationship which would last. You are always pressurized into doing something about your relationship, and when friends meet up with their partners, you feel like an interference despite having a boyfriend, who is definitely the sole conversation topic.

The Different Changes in Communication

A long distance relationship teaches you the importance of working on trust and communication. You communicate cleverly through selfies and special pictures, and understand your partner's mood based on a text/emoticons.
In a way, you learn the art of online romance. You learn to cherish every moment, fight lesser, clear misunderstandings (it's difficult though), and love the periodic phone calls. Chatting and texting brings you even closer than what you would've been in a regular relationship.

The 'I Miss You' Woes

The lack of physical presence is so painful, it hurts. You speak about him constantly. Everything reminds you of her - a scent, a song, a phrase.
You miss her when you read that sweet morning text, when you read her love letters, caress her photos, and touch her gifts. You cry when you're lonely for her to hug and kiss you. You learn to be patient and to survive without physical intimacy. And when it finally happens - you are over the moon. Your relationship strengthens more than ever.

The Different Changes in Your Relationship

You think of creative ways to please your partner, deal with emotional upheavels, and even feel a little jealous of his female friends.
You are sometimes still in love with the one he was, and you do not notice that both of you have changed with time. But you still love and trust him completely, and you celebrate every small occasion and patch-up time with lavish gifts.

The Long-awaited Moment - the Anticipation and Explosion

You are eagerly awaiting the day when you'll meet your partner. Time refuses to pass, you start counting the days, you look at the clock and wonder what he must be doing, you think of the things you'll say to him and stuff you'll do together.
And, when you meet him, it's an ecstatic feeling, with emotions running from anticipation, love, happiness, excitement, and more. You fall in love all over again. But time flies, you have to say goodbye; again, you feel sad, lonely, and miss him already.

The Future

The future may be a frequent and irritating topic you may be fighting about. You want to be together, but circumstances do not allow the same; there are insecurity issues.
Still, you plan the future, because a part of you has accepted that you can't always be together, but you cannot drift apart either. You develop immense trust, learn not to take your partner for granted, and celebrate every waking moment together. Distance does not diminish your love; the waiting is completely worth it.