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8 Enchanting Things That Happen When You Date a Magician

8 Things That Happen When You Date a Magician
What if things magically fall into place, and you find a date in a magician? Consider yourself lucky, for when he is around, there's always magic in the air!
Sonal Dharmadhikari
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
You Might Get Gifts Out of Thin Air
man presenting flowers to a lady
Surprise gifts are always exciting, but getting them pulled out of thin air is purely 'magical'! A magician never comes on a date empty-handed, even if it seems so.
He'll Be Hounded at Parties/Get-togethers
people applauding a performance
If you think you can keep him to yourself at parties and outings, hard luck. Once the word of his profession gets around, people will never leave him alone. On the flip side, you'll have a date you can flaunt to the max!
There's Always Something New
man working on a laptop
Magicians love to keep learning new things to invent exciting tricks. So, dating a magician will never be dull; you'll get to know stuff you never ever imagined.
You'll Be Swept Off By His Charisma
magician performing in front of the audience
It is hard to resist the charisma of a performer, much harder that of a dramatic magician. Chances are, the mystique and intrigue of his persona made you fall for him in the first place.
Tricks (and Treats) Around the House
magician's hat,playing cards and dove
When you visit the house of your magician boyfriend, you may find surprises everywhere. The fascinating props, cards, and hats scattered around makes his place more interesting than of any other guy. Try your hand at a few of them, and you are sure to have a great time!
You'll See a Variety of Live Performances
couple at a theater performance
While your date is going to treat a performance as 'research', you can happily tag along as the audience! Enjoy the perks of being with the guy who loves magic.
You'll See Beyond Illusions
magician holding cards
Not just on stage but off it too, life is full of illusions. Thanks to your honest relationship with a master of illusions, you will learn to see beyond them, to grasp the deeper and truer meaning of things.
Love is the Real Magic
couple smiling and looking in each other's eyes
As you grow closer, you'll realize that he is like any other person in love... and that is the real magic! The way you understand each other and affection blooms is no lesser than a magical moment coming true.