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10 Not-so-ordinary Things to Expect When Dating an Entrepreneur

Things to Expect When Dating an Entrepreneur
Dating, if to be put in raw terms, involves emotions and heart. But, dating an entrepreneur is not limited only to those, but everything right from the brain, intellect, interpersonal space, emotions in a balanced amount, and a lot of logic. A relationship with this moneyed species of the earth is a whole roller coaster of fun, emotions, expectations, little disappointments, and a lot of understanding.
CH Mridula
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Entrepreneurs' fact
Hardworking people
Entrepreneurs are one of the busiest persons of the world. Their work and business always takes top priority; everything else is secondary. Don't expect your date to be on time if you are planning for a romantic dinner or a lazy Sunday brunch, as they tend to get caught up in work, and often reach late.
Honest people
Entrepreneurs tend to be fatal to romantic airs, and often prove to be bubble busters. So, be clear and straightforward with them, as everything for them is either in black or in white. God forbid if anything falls under gray!
Not too emotional
If you are dating a female entrepreneur, and she is having a rough time, you naturally want to be there for her and support her. Although that's being considerate and caring of you, don't feel offended if they refuse to release their emotions, as they are very strong and practical individuals, and generally prefer not to express their deep feelings.
You might be a tech-savvy and a social bug, but nothing can beat the impulse of an entrepreneur. They like to hear anything and want to know everything, as long as it is related to money, profits, and risks! So don't lose your patience if your partner spends more time with the electronics, because it is natural to their kind.
Not romantic
Bringing flowers and a bottle of wine, going for casual walks, or any usual romantic stuff that a person does for his beloved does not find place in the wishlist of an entrepreneur. Giving hugs in public or doing sweet little talks is not their cup of tea. So don't feel offended if he forgets to give you sweet surprises.
Confident about feelings
Though they may not be very vocal about their feelings, when they do, it will be deep and sure to bring fireworks. As confident as they always are, they come up directly and lay their cards bare in front of you, thus giving you more reasons to fall in love with them.
Careful about expenses
Dating an entrepreneur would help you control your shopaholism and help you to be particular with your expenses. Entrepreneurs are very calculative and careful about money, and choose to buy only things which they think would suit their needs. Getting the pockets empty by the mid of a month is not at all their style.
Always enthusiastic
Entrepreneurs never run out of their stock of positivity and vigor, and often seem to be on fire. Whenever you're feeling low or feel like quitting something, you can expect a good, encouraging speech from your otherwise busy partner. Also, they are very ambitious and career-oriented, which they make sure to germinate in the minds of their special ones as well.
They have little or no space for any kind of lapse or mistake, and often end up guiding and teaching; even if it is a petty and casual issue. Not that they are bossy, but they take every liberty to be informative, and to prove themselves as an ideal person.