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The Positive and Negative Things to Know About Your Boyfriend

Know few things about boyfriend, save a lot of distress in the relationship.
Rashida Khilawala Nov 26, 2018
There are these certain things you should know about your boyfriend before you get serious or committed with him. These things will not change your perception of him (in most cases), but they will reduce the possibility of negative surprises and will help you get to know your boyfriend better.
These two evaluation checks pertain to the 5 good things and consequently 5 negative things to know in a guy. Not all these questions are easy to ask, but they are important nonetheless. You will soon see why they are so important.

The Good Things

Does he believe in long-term relationships? Often women make the mistake of assuming that the man is into her, but not for the long term. Asking him about it is the best way to know his mindset. Even if he says no, don't fret over it, they can change.

Do You Really Like My Parents?

While this doesn't really make that much of a difference to your relationship with your boyfriend, it is always better to establish transparency in the relationship. You rather know if he doesn't prefer to spend too much time with your parents before you set up a day trip with them.

Do You Care About Our Differences?

Yes, every couple has its set of differences. Nonetheless, men in love don't really care about the differences. They will work at sorting them out, but won't fret over it much. So, you rather know what about you bothers him, so that you can help him sort it out.

Have You Been Unfaithful at Anytime in the Past?

This question is important to know his tendency. More so, even if he has, you can then decide whether he has changed or not, and why. This way, you will just know him better, and your relationship will deepen.

What Are You Looking for in a Life Partner?

This question will allow you to know what his expectations are of you, and of a potential life partner. More so, this will also let you know if he is thoroughly idealistic of willing to adjust in life.

The Negative Things

These are questions to know of the negative aspects of your boyfriend's personality:

Are You Still Friends With Your Ex? Why?

This question allows you to know how your boyfriend treats other women. More so, you will also know his general attitude about the relationship. If he is on good terms, knowing the reason behind it is important to know whether they are friends for benefits or otherwise.

Are You Willing to Commit in Life?

This question will allow you to gauge if he is still playing around or has he finally taken the relationship seriously. If he says that he is not willing to commit in life, then it is clear that he wishes to live a life of "playing around" which might not be very conducive for you.

Have You Ever Been With Another Man?

Ok, this question is important only to know how liberal your boyfriend is. Besides, as long as it is in the past, it does not matter. Get to know how he felt about the experience and if he would do it again. This is just to know him better and not to judge him.

Do You Compare Me to Your Ex?

If a man has been in love before you came into his life, it is more than likely that he will compare you to his ex. In which case, he is still partially in love with her and hasn't accepted you completely. So, it is important to know if it is you he loves, or just that you are somewhat like his ex.

Do You Take Drugs?

This is very important to know. Even if they are not addicted to them, it is important for you to know if they use them or not. Not only because it will lead to you both knowing each other completely, but also to know how he deals with emotions and why he needs to take drugs, even if occasionally.
These questions need to be asked when you both are in a "talking" session. Let him know that you are asking this to know him, and not to judge him. He might try to lie to protect his reputation or the relationship otherwise.
It is important for the women to know these things about their boyfriends. So whether you do it with the help of these questions, or generally over a span of time, it doesn't matter. Just make sure that you know these things about your boyfriend.