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Things to Talk About on a First Date

Arjun Kulkarni Sep 26, 2018
First date is indeed the most special date for most couples. There's little awkwardness and lots of excitement. First dates should be about the funny stories, goofy laughs, likes, and dislikes. They may not end up being perfect, but you can definitely make them memorable!
We always wonder what are the things to ask on a first date. We guess more guys face this question than girls. We may be wrong, but yes, to make your first date fun for both of you, it is important to know what to talk about on a first date. And so, the only thing you need is a conversation starter.
Once the conversation starts, and you start feeling more and more at ease with each other, we're sure things will get a lot easier for both of you.

Talking Points for a First Date

You are bustling with topics, but then you face that Socrates-Hamlet-Shakespearean dilemma: to say or not to say. Well, these are some topics that fall under the category: to say.

✔ Basic Information
✔ Likes and Dislikes
✔ Funny Stories
✔ 'How Was Your Day?'

Basic Information

Nothing wrong in sharing basic information about each other. You know, where are you from? What do you do?... All the stuff the Backstreet Boys say they don't care about in the song 'As Long as You Love Me'. OK maybe that was a bad example, but it's always good to know if you have any friends in common and ensure that you don't have any relatives in common!

Likes and Dislikes

Another very important thing you'd like to know about your date is their likes and dislikes. Their favorite book, their favorite sport, their favorite band, their favorite song. I've noticed that once you do find something you share in common with someone, you get this nice comfortable feeling that the person is one of your own.
In case you don't, keep probing, you'll find something. In case you still don't, you'll have a nice long conversation! Just as long as you don't start arguing as to how the hell they support Manchester United and buzz off all shocked.

Funny Stories

Funny stories are always some of the best conversation starters. In fact some people always like to have a nice, funny anecdote or a joke up their sleeve to tell on a date or when they're meeting someone new. It really helps break the ice and makes you comfortable that you can make the other person laugh.

'How Was Your Day?'

Well often you go out on a date with someone you've known for a while. So you pretty much know all the basic information and their likes and dislikes. So what's the point in discussing those? But still a date needs a different psychological preparation and hence can get a little awkward. So simply ask them how was their day? what did they do?

Things You Should Never Talk about on a First Date

Let us discuss the perhaps more important and decidedly gray territory of the first date talk dilemma: what not to say.

✘ Sex
✘ Past Relationships
✘ The Weather


Unless of course, it is that sort of date. Sexual preferences ought to be kept under the wraps, at least for the first date. Flirt, but you have to know where to draw the boundaries where flirting starts getting kinky. It can be uncomfortable for the guy as well and not just the girl on the first date.

Past Relationships

That's always a bad place to go. But people trying to get over someone or on a rebound date do, talk about their ex like all the time. Which may be fine for some, but a real dampener for most of the people.

The Weather

Because that's always a very stupid thing to talk about and makes both of you more uncomfortable as you realize that you're not making much headway with your conversation.
Whatever you do, always remember the two most important rules - to be yourself and to just go and enjoy your time out. No point in lying about who you are, cause then you're just impressing your date with someone else and not you. and no use worrying about it either, worrying just makes it worse. Don't worry. Relax. You're date will go just fine!