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Things Women Will Never Understand About Men

Meghraj Dhabale Jan 10, 2019
Men and women are different. Sometimes, this difference utterly baffles both genders, leading to misunderstanding, resentment and bitterness. In case of any relationship, understanding and accepting the inherent differences is the key to a healthy and fruitful partnership.
It is said, understanding is the shortest distance between two people. Let us see how long is this so-called "shortest distance" between men and women.

Men Swear and Use Profanity Very Easily

It might not come as news to some, but swearing or profanity is often cathartic. For men, it allows them to express feelings of anger or frustration and can also be a useful substitute to physical violence in case of a nasty situation.
The use of profanity emphasizes the emotional reaction men have towards it, and easily conveys that emotional reaction to others. So, ladies, we swear not because we are lazy but rather emotional at times.

Men Help Only When Asked

Men help gladly when asked for, whereas women help instinctively. Men, somehow, never seem to experience pride or privilege if someone asks for help. Hence, rarely feel compelled to offer help. While women often misunderstand this tendency in men as a lack of empathy.

Men Resist Advice from Women

Men value strength and capability. Improvement or any constructive change unless conveyed properly is interpreted as dominance by men.
This is because autonomy is one of the virtues of men, and any unsolicited advice from women seems like a direct threat to this independence of theirs.

Men Always Offer Solutions

Whenever a woman shares a problem with man, it triggers a latent compulsion for a man to offer solutions - it is just an intrinsic part of our DNA to solve problems and find solutions - which we have been doing ever since we dwelt in caves.
Quiet conversely, most women share their problems and issues with the expectation to be heard, empathized, and understood. When such diverse approaches exist, it is hardly surprising that men receive so much flak for being inconsiderate and cold.

When Faced with a Problem, Men Prefer Solititude

There may be two possible reasons to prefer solitude. Either men are trying to frame the problem in a proper manner and then express it to their lady, or they need space and time to calmly deal with it.
Men are taught to be problem-solvers since childhood. Failure to tackle a problem makes them feel incompetent. While women keep prodding for reasons, again, and again, and again! Which may prompt some men to think rhetorically, "I am thinking about how to shut your mouth right now!".

Men Feel Shopping is a Torture

The term shopping, for most men, means something like this: Enter store. Choose shirt/trouser, may be try. Pay up and move out. This little sequence is only triggered in a man's brain if there is a necessity to shop (necessity being the key here).
Now, most woman will disagree with the this, right off the bat. For women, shopping is not just buying clothes, it is an experience. Consequently, the result: A shopping trip where the woman leads and the guy reluctantly just trudges along.

Men are Crazy About Video Games and Gadgets

This behavior can be traced to the genetic trait in men that compels them to seek a challenge, or possession, and subsequently, obtain a feeling of achievement. Over the ages, the tools kept changing, today, it is the turn of gadgets and gaming consoles.
Blame it on men's penchant to conquer and prove themselves superior to others. Not surprisingly, women can't figure out why a fully grownup man would act like a kid on winning a virtual battle with a virtual opponent!

Men Simply Cannot Multitask

Women can check on their kids' homework, carry out their daily chores, and put in a day's work at her workplace. But men can't seem to handle a couple of tasks simultaneously.
Most men completely focus on one thing and make sure that task is performed perfectly. One of the reasons for this is men have relatively fewer connections between the left and right lobe of the brains. So much so for being wired differently, but that doesn't women from wondering why men can't multitask.

Men are More Emotional about their Car/Bike

This one's a little tricky because associating emotional value to certain objects is a trait dominant among women. But here, men are known to get emotionally attached with their vehicle simply because they see it as an integral part of their fond memories.
They remember their vehicle since it was involved in creating everlasting memories (read: road trips or first date). Women too are known to be attached to their cars but more for its looks.

Men can't Resist the Urge to Get in Bed

In humans, the urge to have sex is controlled by the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is inherently secreted 20 times more in men than women. So, the urge to have sex is also about 20 times more in men than in women.
Hence, men mostly seem to expect coitus in a married relationship relatively far more than women. This urge to have sex in men is sometimes misunderstood by women as being cheap, lusty or perverted.
So dear readers, the bottom line is, no gender is superior to the other. But indeed, they are meant to be different. None of them is good or bad or right or wrong. Just believe that, they are different... that's it. Now the question arises, what are the differences between a man and a woman?
Barring the obvious ones, there are seemingly only two differences. Firstly, hormonal (every feeling that comes to the human mind is due to hormonal secretion), and secondly, attitude (It's all about an individual's approach towards any aspect of life, which is also influenced by the social environment in which the person is brought up since childhood).