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Things You Should Know Before Dating a Bookworm

Rujuta Patil Jan 10, 2019
Dating someone who loves to read? A bookworm? Know a little about this type of personality before you decide to get closer to them. It can be a lot of fun to look at life from this reader's point of view.

Bookworms Love Being Alone

Lone time is in fact longed for. Nothing is more rewarding for a bookworm than a laid back Sunday afternoon with an intriguing book before the eyes.

Books are Always Better Than Movies

You simply cannot argue with a bookworm on this. And, don't even think of starting a discussion if you haven't read the book in the first place.

Bookworms Often Quote Their Favorite Reads

Be prepared to hear little philosophical bits in the middle of your conversation. You need not panic if you happen not to know this reference, or the book (presuming it is not an obvious one from a bestseller!).

Bookworms Like Intellectual Personalities

Intellectual conversations are where their minds find solace (unlike any other locations with some good company as you would think). Of course, that doesn't mean that they don't like traveling.

They'll First Look for the Bookshelf in Your House

When you date a bookworm, and she would visit your place in the near future, don't feel astonished when you excitingly show them the pretty stuff on your kitchen wall, and they suddenly ask you where the books are.

Bookworms Don't Go By How Fat The Book Is

Either to pick a good read or to judge the content, the number of pages never matter to them. Unlike many of us, who... therefore, just remember that quantitative parameters don't work here.

Bookworms HAVE to Carry a Book With Them Everywhere!

They might carry one to a party, just in case they find the party to be boring, or to read on the way back home. There is always room in their bag for a book.

It Could Be a Tough Fight Between You and Books

Bookworms love their books the most. Period.

Bookworms are Born Thinkers

Don't freak out if you hear them talk like a well-studied person on some latest bizarre science or political event. They think and reflect a lot, and so have strong and valid points to make.

Libraries are The Most Happening Destinations

If you are wondering about a place where you could go to spend some time together, be ready to hear them say 'library'. And, please don't act surprised. Even better if 'you' make this suggestion.

Remember, Reading Is Meditation!

Lastly, keep in mind that reading is the most sacred thing for them. So, never disturb them when you know they are feeling bliss in the company of their best friend.