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Unhappy Relationship Signs

The Common Signs of an Unhappy and Unhealthy Relationship

Many times we ignore arguments as an obvious part of a relationship. However, did you know that constant arguments can be one of the unhappy relationship signs? Read on to know some of the most common signs of an unhealthy relationships.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
After waiting for years, and after many minor heartbreaks, we finally meet that one special person. Things generally start in the usual fashion. You consider this relation like the others you had in the past, but at one point, you realize that this is something serious. It is not just a fling. After this realization, things suddenly become beautiful and heavenly. You start spending hours and days together. You also decide, and promise each other that you will not be like other couples; you will not commit the same mistakes, and rather strive to maintain a healthy relationship. However, after six months, the arguments start. You consider them a normal part of life, but when they become frequent, they now increase the bitterness, instead of spicing up the relationship. At one point, when the arguments stop, the relationship does not become happy again. It's fraught with coldness, which is worse than the arguments. This is the time when you start thinking if you made the wrong choice, or whether you are stuck in an unhappy relationship. Scroll down to know some of the important signs that will automatically answer your queries.
Signs of an Unhappy Relationship
Constant Fights: When a person is unhappy in a relationship, he starts disagreeing with almost everything his partner says. Most of these are the same things that once hardly mattered. When you are unhappy with a person, you automatically start disagreeing with everything he says. At times, the argument is baseless. One is aware of this, but does not wish to admit it. When you are happy with a person, you let go of certain things. However, when the relationship becomes a burden, you cannot tolerate even one word against yourself or your thinking.
Unhappy with Each Other: There is a phase in every relationship, wherein the couple feels happy only when they are in each other's company. However, in case of relationship issues, they start getting annoyed with each other. If one of the two is unhappy, he/she starts despising everything his/her partner does. Nothing that the other person does can please the unhappy partner. Sometimes, this partner will complain that the other person purposely does the things he/she hates. Otherwise, they may complain that their partner is trying too hard to please them, and they do not like it. In short, there is nothing that he/she can do to make the other happy.
Sharing: People automatically stop sharing things with their partners when they are unhappy with them. Excuses like their fields being different, they won't understand, etc., are given. These people do not realize that at the beginning of the relationship, things were shared in spite of difference in fields. This confidence in the partner is lost in an unhappy relationship. The fear of being judged also develops.
Doubts: If questions like "Did I make the wrong choice?", or "Did I ever love him/her?", start popping in your head every now and then, unfortunately you are not happy in your relationship. Such doubts rise only if you do not have trust or faith in your relationship.
Ignorance: Whenever you are angry or unhappy with a particular person, you automatically start ignoring him. If you are not much in contact with that person, ignorance is not much noticed. But in case of a couple, it is easily noticeable if they are living together. When one starts ignoring, the other also follows the lead. Egos are hurt when anyone starts ignoring you deliberately. No one takes the initiative to understand the reason of the ignorance, which results in a cold silence from both sides.
Do not panic if the above mentioned signs are seen in your relationship too. The advice for you will be to talk to your partner, avoid rude words, and let go of the mistakes that were committed in the past. With a positive attitude and faith in your love, you will surely be able to overcome the unhappiness in the relationship.