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Unhealthy Relationships Signs. Check if You Have Any!

Unhealthy Relationships Signs
Sometimes a relationship doesn't work, no matter what you do. This article will help you to deal with a demanding situation in your relationship better.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
I have advice for people - period - who are in unhealthy relationships: Follow your heart. It will get you to where you need to be. Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy, the places that your heart takes you. But continue to follow it. Where the train leads you - you'll get there.― Erykah Badu

When one is in love, the sun rises and sets on that 'special someone'. That special person almost becomes like your lifesaving drug, you need them, you want them, you long for them. That's the charisma of the whirling romance; it sways you off your feet, where you don't mind being taken away from the world you live in to the world that your special someone wants to take you.
As time passes you are met with a faint realization that indicates at loss your loss of sense of direction and individuality; or how you are now being quarterbacked by someone. But, you write it off, right away.
It doesn't take long for this 'quarterbacking' to turn into 'managing' or aggressive 'bossing'. Things that once looked proverbially perfect with those rose-tinted glasses now look discouraging and illusionary. If things are not going hunky dory but swerving off to a direction that's making your relationship suffer and making it almost impossible to live in, then it is time you realized and took stock of things.
Given below are some signs of unhealthy relationship that should be overlooked but worked on.
Signs of a Failing Relationship
Communication Disconnected
Every relationship guru, will tell you that communication is the first step towards building a healthy relationship. If communication wavers due to distance, anger, misunderstandings or small lies, it's a surefire indication that things are not fine. Go back in time, and analyze what got you together. It was because you could pour your heart out and there was someone to listen to you, that made you bond initially.Repair the lost connection and talk things out.

Emotional Distance
Emotional fidelity is a huge binding factor in a relationship. We bond because, we trust the other person with our emotions, thoughts and sentiments. With a rise in social networking sites, long working hours and overall socializing, the emotional distance among couples is increasing. This is leading to emotional infidelity that in a way tantamounts to cheating. If you don't share your emotions with your partner, your relationship will hit a rough patch and remain there. So, you need to articulate your feelings and let the other person know how you feel about their inavailability or absence when you need them.

Great Expectations
It would be unrealistic of me to say, that don't have any expectations. It is expectations that give us the drive to do things for each other. However, when these expectations, begin to push your partner towards the edge, your relationship will take an unhealthy turn. Expecting that your partner will take care of your every problem, is supremely unrealistic, because sometimes, your partner will like to be cared for too. Thus, keep your expectations real. This will help you to grow mentally and spiritually with your partner.

Control Freak
It would be unjust to the fairer sex if I say, women are control freaks. Men too, have the incorrigible habit of controlling things. However, when this need to control everything, gets in the way of your relationship, then only God can help you out. There aren't any specific 10 signs of an unhealthy relationship, but showing control by constantly instructing your partner can create a rift in the trust your partner has for you. Trust your partner with the things he/she is doing. Give some credibility to your partner, as by constantly doubting, you are doubting your own choice of person.

Lack of Intimacy
Intimacy is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Once you get yourself in the rut of unhealthy behavior in the relationship, then you get stuck in the game of blame, disillusionment, pain, and suffering. This drives you further away from each other and puts your sex life in a confinement of deprivation.

Bad relationships can be very traumatizing. Give some space to your partner and allow channels of effective communication to flow once again. Or walk out of it if it's causing you too much pain. The choice has always been yours, so make the right.