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Ways to Save a Relationship

Pankaj Chobharkar Jan 5, 2019
Have there been consistent problems in your relationship for a while? Go through these ways in which you can save your relationship, and you might find something that can bring the magic back.
We are all aware of the importance of relationships in life. However much of everything else you have, you will always need your loved ones around you.
But sometimes, these very relationships can become the prime cause of an unhappy life. Petty fights, constant bickering, not being able to stand each other for too long and the breakups. Most relationships go through these problems at some point of time. The important thing is how you deal with this stuff.
However, we miraculously lose our ability to think rationally during such problems, and we turn to various sources for answers to questions that no one else can answer for us. Nonetheless, here you can get your thoughts in order with some external help. It will give you some ideas on what to do to save a relationship instead of ending it.
There is no single magical way to save a broken relationship. That is because every person and each of his relationships are different. The nature of the problems can also vary. However, here are some tried and tested ways to save a relationship that work for most of the general problems.


This is probably the easiest and most effective way of saving a crumbling relationship. This is also the most ignored method of saving a relationship. But communication is not yelling at each other.
Effective communication is one which is sensible, rational, and logical. So sit down and discuss everything calmly, and carefully avoid saying anything hurtful. You must have noticed that when you have poured your heart out to someone you feel better and your thinking also becomes clear.

Show Your Feelings

This is actually a part of communicating. In a relationship, being frank and honest with your partner is very important. And even if you are an introvert of the worst kind, complement and appreciate your partner from time to time.
But at the same time, do not lie to them either. Another important thing about showing your feelings is sharing problems with your partner. Feel free to disclose your vulnerability or accept failure before your partner. These things can really bring you closer.

Talk to Someone Else About It

Usually this is not recommended, but if your relationship is in a very bad state then it is good to talk to a close friend or family member about the state of affairs.
Getting the opinion of a third person on certain matters can really help. But make sure the person you are going to talk to is going to keep your relationship issues to himself.

Keep it Fresh

Relationship problems begin in most relationships because after a while people get too used to each other, and all the excitement that was a major part of the relation in the beginning is lost.
So it is important to keep the relationship fresh by taking vacations together, giving each other surprises from time to time, and celebrating all the anniversaries with great enthusiasm and vigor.

Let Go

There was a reason why you were attracted to each other. May be there were many such reasons. Recall all these reasons. Moreover, every person has his or her own imperfections and that is what makes them human. But we often tend to forget that because we are too busy thinking about what 'I' want and what 'I' think and what 'I' had expected, etc.
Finally, many people will give you many different pieces of advice, but you have to decide what is good for you and your situation. Take the relationship advice that works for you, and do not hesitate to ignore the rest. We hope you work it out.