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Try Out Every One of These Mushy Ways to Say I Love You to Him

Indrajit Deshmukh Mar 17, 2019
Tell your lover today that you love them, you can go the traditional way and say 'I Love You' by looking straight in their eye or explore different ways to say I love you to him.
They say that it isn't said enough and that is the main reason why you don't hear any great romance stories nowadays. If you love him, don't miss the chance to tell that so, because once the moment passes you will never get it back.
Sometimes we try to show that we are so tough and are in total control of our feelings and therefore avoid letting our emotions out. This is not the way to live, let go and indulge in your emotions and experience the uncertainties that come along with it.
If you love him express it, don't be shy, don't think what will happen, don't expect anything in return, just say it because you feel it. Sometimes saying 'I Love You' isn't enough, you need to back it up with a unique gesture.

Cute Ways to Say I love You to Him

Tell him how much you love him with a cute gesture that is sure to bring a smile to his face. This is the best way to make your connection felt. Find out what he likes and include that in your plan. Here are a few suggestions that will set your mind running.
  • Send him a 'Punch Me Toy', which says 'I Love You' every time he punches it.
  • Get him a pet cat which has a collar tag saying 'I love you' and your initial scribbled in the corner.
  • Without his understanding, attach a few balloons to the windshield of his car, with a dangling note that says I love you.
  • Send him flowers every 10 minutes, each bunch carrying one alphabet to form 'I Love You' with the last delivery.
  • Get him a bunch of fortune cookies and have each cookie say the same thing and that's, 'I love you'.
  • Place pop up cards in 5 to 6 different locations for him to find and have each card say 'I love you'.
  • Leave him a note to call you and when he does, let the voicemail answer it to say how much you love him.
  • One of the funkiest ways of saying I love you to him is sending him a singing telegram.

Out of the Box Ideas

  • Hire a sky writing expert and have him write I love you and his name while you cunningly take him for a walk in the park.
  • Get him in to the shower and write I love you on the fogged glass.
  • Get a wind-up toy from the mall that says I love you every time you turn the key.
  • Take him to a club with a band and ask the lead singer to dedicate a song to him and announce your love for him.
  • Take him for a walk and have an electronic advertisements board say how much you love him.
  • Get hold of a bunch of toddlers and get them to give him a rose with a note professing your love.
  • Learn how to say I love you in 10 different languages and say it to him while holding out a box of chocolates.
The words don't change but the idea is to say it in a different way, one that he will remember for time immemorial and recall the incident with fondness in his heart. The true measure of love is to bring happiness to other so do it with style, grace, and finesse.