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What Do Guys Like to Talk About

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 12, 2019
If you thought men, weren't good at expressing themselves, then read on to know what do guys like to talk about to girls. To your surprise, men love to talk and they are excellent at expressing themselves just as much as we women are.
Men like to talk, and there is no denying that. A plethora of magazines, dating sites and relationship advice portals will convince you that a guy only cares about feeding his starving libido and watching everything that moves on a sports channel. The difference is, they are talking about boys who are yet to reach a level of maturity.
However, if you are dating a man who loves you, knows his responsibilities and sees a future with you, then it is important to know what do guys like to talk about to girls. Knowing what's on your man's mind, will help you build an emotional connect and strengthen your relationship like never before.

What a Man Needs to Talk

Ambitious Plans

Primitive instincts suggests that a man is a provider and protector. By the virtue of these instincts, men happen to chalk out ambitious plans in intricate detail as compared to women. They plan out their academics and seek employment, which would support them financially.
Usually, a man happens to be far more ambitious than a woman. Thus your man will need to and want to talk about his ambitions and dreams. Seeking your support and approval, are the underlying reasons for talking about his ambitious plans to you.

Friends and Family

The equation men share with their family and friends is a lot different from what we women share with ours. Although a man doesn't say it, but he cares about every insipid details that happens with the people in his life.
Hence, he will tell you everything that happens with them and how it affected him. Get involved in the conversations by asking him questions and reacting to what he says. Talking about family and friends is a way of involving you in his life that still remains undisclosed to you.

Failures and Achievements

It's only human to share your sadness to seek comfort or share your happiness to double it. And if your guy talks to you about his failures and achievements it is only natural! 
Guys like to boast about their accomplishments, because for them life is always a competition of superiority. On the other hand, they also like to talk about their failures, as they want to be reassured that nothing has changed in a relationship because of his pitfalls.

Plans for Life

If a guy is planning to spend his life with you, he will want to talk about his life with you. He will share his perspective of how he wants his life with you to be. 
Plans for life, such as where you'd settle down, his career plans, whether you'd be staying with his family and so forth is what he'll like to share with you. The only purpose of doing so, is to know your opinion about the same. The answer for what do guys like to talk about, is not any different from what girls like to talk about.
In totality, both the sexes like to share their feelings, emotions and view points with each other. Active listening is an important part of getting to know your man better. Thus, initiate conversations and be an active part of it with a genuine interest.
All of this is done, share a bond that goes beyond the physicality of a relationship. An emotional bond is much deeper and much serious one. Making an effort to understand the other person whilst in a relationship is the only way of forging a connect that is worth all the effort that ensues all through the relationship.