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What is an Open Relationship

Hemangi Harankhedkar Nov 23, 2018
An open relationship has its own pros and cons, and there are many reasons people opt to get into this kind of a relationship. Let us cover the details of an open relationship.
They want to be together badly and in fact, are a couple for others; but simultaneously they have the innate desire to see other people; and they do manage to see others, 'openly', with the knowledge of each other! This best describes a couple in an open relationship. Many people may not like this concept, as it is often taken as polyamory.
But couples who are in such a relationship have their own points in support of the relation. Here, we will be discussing in detail an open relationship, and also cover the points in support and against it. Although the basics of an open relationship are same, the take of each person in certain concepts might differ.

Open Relationship

What is an open relationship? It's a relationship in which both the partners have the freedom to date any other person of their interest. The relation also permits physical relation with other people. In an open relation there is 'openness', that is you have to be loyal and open to your partner about all your romantic flings.
In an open relation both the partners are in love, but fear sticking to a person for life. Another reason for people getting into an open relationship is that they want to have adventure and variety in life; to spice up their life. There are both pros and cons of getting into such a relationship. Read ahead to know its pros and cons.


  • Every person in a relationship is at a risk of being cheating by his/her partner. So, rather than having to deal with a cheating partner in future, isn't it smart to be in a relationship that openly 'allows' it? While in such a relationship you can enjoy many worlds, and also have a committed partner, both at the same time.
  • In an open relationship, you have your partner as your best friend and can get into flings, with no opposition from your partner.
  • People in favor of these relationships hold the opinion that they enjoy life to the fullest by trying out many partners.
  • You don't have to deal with the relationship complexities like possessiveness, restrictions, etc.


  • An open relationship may sound tempting at first, but with time you might get entangled in the web of emotions. This is because you are bound to get emotionally close to a person after some point of time. You may not approve your partner's physical closeness with someone else in the future as you used to, and this would cause trouble in the relation.
  • In an open relation, the definition of love and commitment is very vague. The people do love each other but are not ready to accept it and commit.
  • You need to be strong minded and outgoing in such a relationship. You should be able to tolerate the flirtatious nature of your partner, and be ready to see him romancing some other person.
  • Vices like ego and jealousy affect these relationships more than any other relation. The closeness of the partner with someone else can make the other partner jealous, which will hamper the peace of the relation.
  • Being physically involved with many different partners makes a person prone to the risks of STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases).
People have their own take on relationships and the complex concepts of love and commitment. In some cases of such relationships, these people are just not ready to accept that the person they are in a relationship with is the one for them.
For some it does not seem happening to stay committed to a single person for life. They are often the flirtatious kinds who like romancing different people just for the sake of keeping their lives spiced up. This may sound harsh for some but is the truth in many cases.
Lastly, people have their own needs and desires and thus it is a matter of personal choice to be in an open relationship or not. But being in one is not as easy and happening as it may sound. The partners need to have a deep mutual understanding between themselves to chalk things out for the future. They often feel insecure about life and what they want.