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It Goes Beyond Appearances: What Men Find Attractive in Women

What Men Find Attractive in Women
It is not just about the looks anymore, when it comes to impressing a man. There are various other qualities that a man looks for, in a girl. This LoveBondings article lists a few of them.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
The feminists will scream, the chivalrous will yodel, the girls will cry ... if they were to get into the seemingly uncomplicated mind of a man. But it's rather difficult to possess all the points of attraction in just one person. For one, different men want different things. When men get something, they want something else. When they get something else, they think what they left was much better. And round and round goes the man, trained to be a hunter, hunting, searching for the holy grail, till some smarter woman comes and tames the predatory, unyielding efforts of the man in question. This is why men seem to have the roving eye, in spite of finding the seemingly perfect one. And they say men are simple creatures. Bah!
What Men Like
The problem is that there are different types of men, whose need change with time. When the male is young, he just wants that cute looking girl in class, irrespective of the fact that she believes that Harry Potter and unicorns are real. As the boy turns into a teen, he wants to be dating a 'well endowed' blonde (to put it euphemistically), irrespective of the fact she is a total head-case. As the teen becomes a man, two types of men can be seen. One that still wants a well endowed blond, although a different one each time; and the other who looks for a relationship with a woman who will complete him, understand him, and share his interests, his hobbies and his life.
And as the man reaches the age where mid-life crisis starts overwhelming him, relationship issues crop up in his marriage, and the man once again wants a younger, better-looking, and yet well endowed blond only to find out later after this adulterous extramarital affair that 'he already had what he always wanted'. Or something to that effect. All of which makes the qualities we find attractive, more and more complicated and ever-changing. And yet, there are still plenty of things men like in women, that have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so irrespective of the mental age of the man. Listed below are a few of them.
» A Perfect 10
I'm starting with this point because, well, lets face it, men are visual creatures, and the first thing that appeals to the very depths of their soul is the stark attractiveness of a woman. While the definition of beauty varies from one man to another, a slim figure, yet one which is well 'rounded', and light colored eyes, long hair ... you know, the entire package is something that all men crave for. Also, a woman with a good sense in dressing, someone who knows how to accentuate her better physical endowments, and hide the less flattering ones is also a turn on. So while you may criticize our choice of the first point, this is really the first thing most men see.
» Intel Inside?
Let me stick my head out and break the accepted assumption that men like dumb women. We simply don't. Maybe on the occasional drunken night, but no. Quite on the contrary, men need (whether they like it or not) an intelligent woman who can direct their energies away from female-hunting. What men need is a strong, self-assured woman who can properly (and intelligently so) convince us that she is the best thing that ever happened to him. They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. They say so because an intelligent lass can bring out the best in the man, by saving the energy he would have spent hunting women, and use it more productively. So yes, intelligence and confidence are important personality traits.
» A Good Laugh
Wouldn't we just love it if we had a woman that could make us laugh? Yes! But unfortunately out-and-out, funny women are as rare as they get, and hence humor is one of the most highly coveted personality traits. Anyone would like it if they could share their life with someone, who could get them to laugh in the unhappier moments of life.
» Love and Care
More and more men are coming out of the closet by admitting the fact that they want to be cared for by a woman. So, let me say it on behalf of all the men: we want to be taken care of. We want someone who can take care of us, dispel our fears, and absolve our worries. So, if you find your man physically attracted to another inordinately hot female, you can rest assured knowing that you alone can provide the one thing man needs more than anything, and can get only from you. Love.
What Men Don't Like
Let us quickly skim over these points as well.
  • Those who nag.
  • Those who look at other men (I know we look at other women, yet we hate it when our chicks look at other men Hypocritical, I know).
  • Dumb nymphomaniac women (Surprised?).
  • Those who are loud, and talk about their exes. A lot.
  • Show-offs and wannabes (Who likes THEM anyway?).
To round things off, I'd just like to say that we men are very, very confused creatures. So, it's really up a woman to show us, that she is the best thing that ever happened to us. And at some point, yes, we will be convinced, and we'll keep you for the rest of our lives. Irrespective of the above points!
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