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What Men Want in a Relationship

Parashar Joshi Sep 29, 2018
What do men seek in a relationship? What is it that they are looking for? Some information is given about what men want from their girlfriend/wife in a relationship.
This is one question which would have given many women a sleepless night indeed. After all, 'men' and 'relationships' happen to be two parties which, since ages, have been notorious for not being able to get along well with each other. A whole lot of women, for years on end, have struggled to decipher the mind of a man once he's in a relationship.
There are very few women who really understand what men exactly want in a relationship. It is a globally accepted fact that Eves are the more complex creation; When you enter in a relationship, suddenly the entire scene changes, and it's the Adams who instantly turn into paranoid prince.
Now don't get me wrong. It's not that we men are phobic when it comes to commitment, or for that matter, marriage. It's just that when it comes to serious relationships, we do have our fair share of fears and feelings of insecurity (which ideally, we should share with our partners, and make things all the easier).
Unfortunately, this doesn't happen all that regularly, and that is only because most of the men are horrible communicators. So many a time, women end up perceiving our expressions, actions, or feelings differently (which is bad), or negatively (which is even worse).
So, what men really want in a relationship? Well, relationships are of different types, and naturally, the things that men look for in a relationship vary depending on the type, level, and the progression of the relationship. For example, what men want in a girlfriend is rarely the same as what men want in a wife.
When a man meets a woman on a first date, rarely does he have any expectations whatsoever. If the two of them hit it off, then that first meeting normally paves the way for many subsequent dates and a period of courtship. It is during this time when the seeds of the relationship are first sown.
Slowly, as the relationship grows, progresses, and develops, the guy begins to develop (both knowingly as well as unknowingly) certain wants ('expectations' seems a far too heavy word to use at this stage...) towards his girl.
As the relationship grows further and prospers, the guy and the girl begin to reach a certain level of commitment. Once a couple is committed towards each other, individual wants and expectations begin to materialize and take shape.
As the committed couple naturally move towards marriage, wants, expectations, and relationship requirements undergo a series of updatings and modifications.
Contrary to what some may believe, this 'evolution' of relationship wants and needs does not end with marriage. Rather it is a lifelong process and one which keeps on happening throughout the lifetime and the duration of the relationship.
Overtime, as their relationship grows, a woman may get a fair idea of what her man wants. However, it is equally (if not more) important for her to understand what it is that he really needs. What her man wants, may not always be what her man needs.
And as mentioned before, with men being naturally bad communicators, at times it is quite tough for a woman to differentiate between a 'want' and a 'need'. So, here are a few tips to help you ladies out.

From Their Girlfriends

What men want in a girlfriend, is usually a pretty damsel who looks hot, dresses cool, and is a whole lot of fun. They desire someone they can be comfortable with and comfortable around.
They want someone who's adventurous, maybe even a prankster, someone whose idea of fun can be something as wild as bungee jumping.
They prefer to have a lady who is not bogged down with the realities and pressures of everyday life. They want someone who likes to party, hang out, and in general, live life in a carefree manner without worrying too much about the future.

In a Marriage

Once a man is married (or committed), his desire of what he seeks in his partner undergoes a sea change. Also, from here onwards, the gap between 'want' and 'need' only widens, and there can be several instances when what men want is not always what men need (at that particular point of time, that is).
What men need in a marriage (or a committed relationship) is someone who will love them in spite of the crazy beings that they are. He needs a woman who cleverly understands the words that her husband doesn't say, rather than those which he does.
He seeks a woman who, despite not having any affection for sports whatsoever, enthusiastically cheers him on at his weekend game of football with the guys.
Many times, a man wants to feel like the knight in shining armor; the typical masculine macho male who is strong, mighty, and protective of his partner. However, he wishes for a partner who is not meek and is not afraid to stand up and take over the reins when her man is low on morale, self belief or plain confidence.
He needs a woman who, in times of need, can boost his confidence, his self-esteem, and can make him feel good about himself. He wants his woman to love him from the bottom of her heart, and stand by him through thick and thin.
On a conclusive note, 'What a man wants in a relationship' is not really quite as important as 'What a man needs in a relationship'. What a man needs is a beautiful woman who loves him unconditionally, wholeheartedly, who is the apple of his eye, and who, apart from being just a girlfriend or a wife, is more importantly also his best buddy.