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What Men Want Women to Know - It's a Humongous List!

Arjun Kulkarni Apr 21, 2019
There is a huge difference between what men and women want from each other in relationships. This information gives an insight into what men want women to know.
Men and women, being polar opposites, have starkly different approaches to life. Women are more vocal when it comes to stating what they want. Ask a man though if he has something to say to his woman and he will cautiously look around.
He will murmur something about the walls having ears, take you to a deadly quiet place where there's no one to overhear, and whisper faintly about some silly things he has to say about the girl he loves or is dating. Women inherently tend to be more open.

Things Men Want Women to Know

Men desire women who assiduously opt for self-improvement by learning things in order to improve their relationship. So if you are one of those women who wants a view into the mind of a man, and learn the things men wish women knew, then you have come to the right place.
As there are many different things that men would like women to know, this piece gives only a general overview of some of them.

About Sex

Most women dismiss all men in general as heartless sexual predators. However, even though we like the act a lot, there's more to some of us than just that. We genuinely want to know more about a woman we are out with. We like to connect with a woman mentally.


This tops the list of things that women do that we hate. And for some reason, men get nagged a lot. First it is our mothers, then it is our women. 
We know that there are things to be done. We know that we have to clean behind ourselves. So stop telling us and ruining the Super Bowl while we're watching it.

We Love the TV

Although this is common knowledge, we do not love it more than we love you. Sure, we seem to give it a lot more attention, fawn over it, flaunt it, and watch it a lot. 
We might crave for it more when we are away from home, or are more addicted to it than anything else in the world, and may even get angry if you switch it off when we are watching it, but we still love you more.

The Other Guy

We absolutely hate any other man hitting on you. Whether we know him or you know him, whether he's your ex boyfriend or some random guy from the street who gives you a second look, we do not like it. We might also get a little violent when someone tries to give you more attention than we can afford to put up with.
Men are very competitive by nature, so this extra attention from another man will rile us and make us act more attention-giving. Please do not, however, take advantage of this.

Dress Up

Men love being doted on and showered with attention. We especially love it when you go the extra mile to dress up for us, wear make up, and generally look good when we are with you. Men are more visual creatures and like admiring the beauty of the woman they are with. 

Definition of Fun

Our definition of fun is vastly different from yours. Women like shopping and going on a nice date at a good place. Men like going to one of those places you call 'a dump', and watching a game with a hundred other drunk guys. 
So it is better if we are left to do our own things. One of the things men wish women knew is that going for shopping can be a real chore.


Men do like being complimented once in a while, and hence it would be nice if you told us how much you love us, or appreciate us for doing something well. For example, if you do not like a gift we got you, just pretend that you do.

Naughty is Nice

Men like it when women get naughty. It does not make us uncomfortable at all. Even a little sexual innuendo on your part is always welcome. Anywhere and anytime. All that is needed is a little indication.

We Hate Games

Football is fine. Basketball works too. Relationship games though, really anger us. We hate them from the bottom of our hearts when you pretend not to love us, when you pretend to ignore us, or when you use sex as a weapon.
Some of us know that you're pretending, while others can't tell. Either way, men are simple one-track minded creatures, and dislike complex relationship issues.


We love being taken care of. We love it when you cook for us, when you take us out, when you make us breakfast in bed, and other similar stuff.
We like being pampered once in a while. A show of love and care never goes unnoticed. We love it when you're always there to pick up our calls and come out with us, or when you decide to look good for us.
To conclude, we would like to say that, intuitive that women are, they probably know what men want from them; but they always prefer a little confirmation.