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What to Look for in a Guy - It's All a Matter of Perspective

Kanika Khara Apr 19, 2019
Every girl has an inclination as to what qualities her perfect guy should have. Take a look at the traits that every woman should look for in her 'Mr. Right'.
Girls often dream that someday they will meet their 'Mr. Right', who will not only love them unconditionally, but will also bring meaning to their lives. Every girl fantasies her Mr. Right to be one who will stand by her against all odds, will always take care of her, and be there to listen to the unspoken words of her heart.
Relationships can be extremely difficult to handle, especially if we make wrong choices in our life. Hence, it is very important to know what to look for in a guy, so that you don't end up making wrong decisions in your life which may lead you nowhere other than a breakup and heartache.

Winning Qualities


A guy should be one who can give as much as he can take. He should be humble, kind and gentle at heart, who likes sharing and in times of need can go little beyond his zone of comfort to help others.


Patience is next important quality you must look for in your guy. Times when you are upset, angry or just have mood swings, he should have patience to bear all that, as well as have the courage to walk beside you during rough spots of your relationship.


Next important attribute to look for in a guy is whether or not he is ambitious. In today's time where there is neck to neck competition in any field you go, it is essential for him to be career oriented and strive hard to achieve his goals.
Moreover, a man with steady and strong goals will not only pave his way to success, but will also encourage you to move forward and help in achieving your dreams.


The most essential quality that every guy should have is honesty. A guy who will never lie to you despite the situations around, is someone whom you can trust throughout your life irrespective of whether or not you are in a relationship with him.


Next important attribute to see in a guy is loyalty, as no girl would ever like to see her guy turning around or check out other girls. Hence, if you are one of those girls who get jealous easily, avoid going for guys who get over friendly or flirty with other girls.


He should have a good intellect as those who can not hold up a good and decent conversation can totally be a turn off for girls. Hence, girls like guys who are smart, well spoken, with a mind of their own.


All girls like guys who make them laugh, so he should be lighthearted and should have an ability to laugh at himself without taking things too seriously.
Though preferences can vary from one girl to another, these were some of the qualities anyone would look for in a guy. Surely after reading this, not only girls but even guys would know about the various attributes that most girls look in their 'Mr. Right'.