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What to Look for in a Man

What to Look for in a Man - Integrity, Honesty, and Confidence

When it comes to committing to someone, it is very important to look for the right person. Here are some qualities that women should look for in a man before getting into a relationship with him.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018
If you are a woman who has been through numerous unsuccessful relationships in your life, then you are probably not dating the right kind of people. Many times, women get attracted to a man who is good-looking, rich, and showers them with undivided attention, especially in the early stages of the relationship.
However, the relationship usually fails with the passage of time. Here are some tips to get the right guy to commit to.
Know Yourself
Find who you are. First identify your needs, your likes and dislikes as every woman has different needs, wants, desires, and tastes. Here are a few examples:
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A woman who is traditional at heart and has been brought up in a family where gender roles were followed to the core would look for a man who earns well, can take care of the financial needs of the family on his own, someone who believes in stability and security, and has a strong believe in the sanctity of marriage.
A woman who is ambitious and has long-term career goals would look for a man who will share the household responsibilities with her. As this woman is not looking for financial security, her idea of the right man could be someone who is fun to be around. Whether he earns more or less may not be so important to her.
Hence, the choice completely depends on the kind of person the woman is.
Integrity and Faithfulness
Women look for a man who is honest, faithful, and has some values in life. If you are dating a man who only says things he believes in or is sure of, who does not lie to you or hurt you in any way, then it means that he is a keeper.
Readiness to Compromise
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It is not necessary that you and your spouse will like the same things in life or will have the same way of looking at situations. If both of you can appreciate each other's differences and are willing to compromise, the relationship is more likely to run smoothly.
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Hence, if you are dating a man who always prefers things his way, then it is time you really think where the relationship is going and whether you will be able to adjust with this behavior.
Some Warning Signs
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If the man you are dating is suffering from depression, is an alcoholic or a drug abuser, is unable to keep any job for long or is unemployed, has been through a number of broken relationships, or has cheated on you in the past...
Then he is probably someone who cannot take responsibility in life. It is for you to decide whether you want to continue with a man like this.
Cheerful and Happy
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The temperament that a man possesses is very important. You should look for a man who is happy even when the situation is not in his favor.
Someone who is strong enough to deal with unpleasant times. A man who knows how to keep his anger and ego in check is a good choice as a long-term partner.
Confident and Chivalrous
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Women also look for confidence and chivalry in a man. A man who can stand up for himself and believes in what he does and says is appealing to women. This, combined with the qualities of caring and protectiveness are the preferred traits for a prospective partner.
To conclude, look for a man who is loving, caring, honest, stable, compromising, and most of all compatible with you. However, never settle for anything less than what you want.