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When to Get Engaged

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 23, 2019
The dilemma of when to get engaged is a stupendous one to deal with. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Read on to know what are the considerations you need to make before you decide to get engaged.
Getting engaged is getting ready to get married in the futurity. Engagement is the turning point of a relationship, which takes the two involved, to a whole new level of experiments with truths of togetherness.
But when is it really right to go down on your knees and propose her with a ring with a promise to spend the rest of your life together?
You met the one. The one you were waiting for to spend the rest of your life, starting right now. He is the Mr Right, who would make your life perfect. But, is it so? How can you be so sure? If there were to be such a fine and a visible line of distinction between right or wrong, the world would be free of most of its problems.
So, before you disrupt your world with a hasty decision, here's what you need to consider before getting engaged.

Been There, But Done What?

So, you've been together and spent a good 10 months together. You have done everything that all lovers madly in love, do.
Movies, partying, clubbing, shopping, hanging out with friends, planned out the most romantic Valentine's Day and a million other fun things. Been there and done that.
But an engagement is going to make a small modification in 'being together and doing things'. Once you are engaged, both of you become responsible for each other. Then it's more about being there for each other in every sense and not just for fun. To frame it correctly, it's being together in sickness and in health. So, are you ready?

Meet the In-Laws

Yes! The unforgettable in-laws. You must have met them at his grandfather's 75th birthday party for an hour. But now it goes a little beyond one hour. It extends, until death does you apart!
Getting engaged is not just about being with your Mr Right, but even with those who come along with him. It's the package and the baggage, no escaping that! This way you also need to consider what is the best age to get married.
An engagement, which is a prelude to a marriage, is the period when you will have to start accepting and being a part of their norms of living. So, are you ready?

Emotionally Available?

In what way is he Mr Right? Is he your Mr Right because he gets you what you want and takes you out to the finest restaurants? But if you are someone who has a deeper emotional drive, your Mr Right must not be emotionally unavailable. People with high emotional drive look for inspiring, motivating, and supporting partners.
The best way of knowing him is by talking to him. Communication is always the way to know things better and clearer. His reactions and his listening skills will answer your question of when to get engaged to him. So, do you think you are ready?

Happily Ever After

An engagement will introduce a lot of aspects of living together. Living with a person, takes a lot if you've never done it before. From the early morning bathroom schedule to the late night TV shows, discover a lot of things about your Mr Right.
Sometimes you'll need to cut some slack and sometimes you'd expect the same. This adjustment will be the deciding factor of when to get married and for those fairy tale happily ever afters. So, are you ready to take the plunge?
If your answers to all the given questions is yes, then, needless to say, you are ready to get engaged. Being ready for an engagement is all about sharing a common ground of understanding with your partner. The right is always relative.
People change over time and so does their thinking. He may not be the same a few years down the line. So what? There are no guarantees anyway. So, if you don't guarantee yourself a Mr Right, it's OK! The best part is you found Mr Right now. A relationship gives you a chance to build it and an engagement gives the opportunity to fortify it. Hope you do so.
P.S: Though this information has been written from a woman's point of view, the same holds true for men.