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When to Say I Love You for the First Time

Mukta Gaikwad Dec 1, 2018
After dating for long enough, is it still difficult to say 'I love you'? Some relationships are not as smooth as the others. They need perfect timing and setting in order to say those precious words for the first time to take the relationship on the next level of commitment.
Those three words, can make the world go around or make your world come crashing down. It is a matter of perspective. Nonetheless, these extremes, build up an air of anticipation around saying it the first time, giving the most cupid-struck lovers a high heart rate.
To know your heartfelt emotion towards the person you are engaged with, is a query that only you can solve. However, what defines your idea of love will always differ from what someone else feels. When these differences are compared, it becomes rather difficult to decide whether you are in love or whether it is just a fleeting moment of attraction.
So, if you are tangled in this crazy dynamics love and like, find out what the other person feels for you by decoding these signs. Knowing the emotions of the significant other in this equation is important if you do not intend to take an emotional plunge and make a free fall, leaving the consequences to fate.

Where are you Headed?

Impatience of a lovestruck souls leads them on the path to find an answer to 'where are we headed'. After being together for a long enough time, being fidgety about taking your relationship to a new level of commitment, is a justified feeling. If you are asking yourself this question, think whether you want to spend your life with the person you are dating.
Do you see yourself together? Are you happy in your relationship? Does your partner satisfy your emotional and physical needs? And most importantly, are you both compatible? If the answers to all these questions is an emphatic 'yes', then you need to time your first 'I love you', well!

Does Your Partner Feel the Same?

Signs of true love are often missed by naked eye. A good observant would know, that determining whether your partner feels the same, can be done in a lot other ways than through words. Ask yourself, is he there for me? Does he support me in all my endeavors? Does he advice me about wrong decisions?
Is he my truest friend, who allows me to confide in him, without judgments? Does he understand me the way I understand him? As you look out for answers to these questions, you will realize what the person feels for you.
If he listens to what you have to say, cares for you, and goes out of his way to be there for way, then it says more than what meets the eye. Nobody wants to be in an awkward silence after saying those three little words, but none can guarantee, what succeeding moment beholds. Meanwhile all you can do is gauge and play your cards well.

The Moment

After considering what your feelings are and after gauging, your understanding of the relationship will be clear. If you are willing to take the next step forward, it's time to convey what you feel with the first, 'I love you'. We say these words to friends and family, in casual meetings and informal goodbyes.
However, when you say it this time, it is going to mean much more. Say it with conviction and assertiveness. It has to come across as a meaningful statement devoid of doubt and waver. A romantic walk, a beach or a candle lit dinner will set a mood and give your partner a hint too!
As your talks take a mushy turn, take a moment, look into your partner's eyes, hold the gaze for a moment and say 'I love you'. Do not complicate it with speech or make it corny with any love quotes.
Keep it as simple as possible and minimal, so that the words don't get garbled. Just be yourself, as you take a deep breath to say it. Express with utmost confidence and conviction, and that will do the magic!
Little can be said about the consequence of an honest confession. However, if you are sure about your love for your partner, then make the unassailable surrender to your feelings and take a plunge. In most cases your instincts will help you confess your love for the first time.
Lastly, do not anticipate or fear too much about the outcome. Many a time saying, 'I love you', is all that it takes to make your relationship more meaningful. After having loved saying so is better, than never saying it at all.