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Why do Men Break Up with Women?

Why do Men Break Up with Women?

Fights and misunderstandings are common in a relationship; but sometimes they get so ugly that the couple decide to end the relation altogether. There are plenty of reasons for men opt of the relation first, here we have covered some of the reasons.
LoveBondings Staff
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
A 'breakup' is a disaster, an utterly despised word. Couples break up, when they realize that they no longer can handle the relationship, and frustration takes control of them. There are two kinds of relationships, flings that last for just 2-3 months, and the 'made for each other' and 'so much in love' relationships that last for a lifetime. The reasons men break up with women, are very different, if we take into consideration both these type of relationships.

Reasons Why Men Break Up with Women

Ask a man why he dumped the girl he was dating, and he can come up with plenty of weird reasons. 'I was Bored', 'she is not the one for me', 'I didn't want to cheat on her', 'she called me baby, and gave me pet names!' and many like these. Most of the time, men get bored in relationships. Not giving enough time to one another, frequent arguments, missing chemistry are the common reasons for couples breaking up. If it was a short-term relation, the reasons could be:

He Thinks You are not the Right Girl
There might have been an initial attraction, but after some time he might have realized that you are not the kind of girl he would want as his girlfriend/wife. He would never want to stay in the relationship just for the sake of it, so he decides to break up.

He is a Casanova
A Casanova always wants spice and adventure in life, and breakup is a custom for them. May be you didn't realize that he was one, and were expecting the relationship to work.

He Fears Involvement
Men love their freedom and individuality and fear it would be lost when in a relationship. In this case, he broke up because he didn't want to get involved with you, and make it difficult for him to break up later.

There Was No Compatibility
He didn't enjoy the night with you, and there was no compatibility. Lack of sexual compatibility is also the reason for men breaking up with women.

He Likes Someone Else
The boy was just dumb. He realized it late that he had someone else in mind and was just pushing the relationship with you, for the sake of it. His first love must have made an unexpected arrival, and then obviously he would go for her. Breakup is imperative.

Breakup is very painful if the couples were in the relation for many years. What makes a man take this extreme decision, and call it quits? Let's see.

He is Tired of the Fights
The relationship is not working the way he had expected it to work. Though there was an initial magic in the relation, it has now faded. The constant fights must have bothered him and led him to the decision to end the relationship.

He Shows His True Colors
The boy was just fooling you around and pretending to be someone nice. But he had worn a mask. Though he seemed committed to you, and had made promises, it was just for some vested interest, which was served and so he broke up.

He is Bored
The relationship is troubling him, he is bored. He hates your possessive nature, which restricts him from even looking at girls. Some other girls are now interesting him, he is cheating on you and will eventually break up.

You are at Fault
Your flirtatious behavior might have bothered him. There could have been a communication gap between the two of you. You must not have been able to 'connect' with him, and adjust with his nature. You might not have been able to accept him the way he is, and something like that could have led him to break up with you.

When it was an Open Relationship
Though there is 'some' commitment involved in an open relationship, both parties are also free to break up if things don't seem to work. Once you had accepted it as an 'open' relationship, you should have also been ready to accept a break up. Now, you cannot call it his fault; it's just that the relationship mustn't have seemed to last long, which is why he decided to part ways.

In many cases these days, even small issues and petty fights make men and women break up. You can do a lot to rekindle your lost chemistry. I wonder how couples reach such a big decision of ending their relationship. Do they really stop loving the one they once loved so much...?