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The Million Dollar Question: Why Do Men Really Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat?
'What makes men cheat?', a question that has been raised since generations and still, the answer is infinite and indefinite. Be it boredom, curiosity, opportunity or just a desire for change, the main reason behind a man's infidelity could be anything. Such affairs always lead to betrayed trust, hurt relationships or even broken families. Read on to know what are the motives that drive men to cheat on their loved ones.
Aishwarya Nirmal
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
If you read the papers, watch TV at least once in a while or surf the vast expanse of the Internet, then from time to time you will come across a story repeating itself albeit in different families. This story is about a rich and well-known man who has it all. He is probably a self-made man or rolling in ancestral money. Whatever is the case, people know him and admire him not only for his richness, but also for his talent and determination as well as struggle to reach and stay in the top.

Tiger Woods, Eliot Spitzer, David Letterman, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, etc., are some of such men, to name a few, who gave up their perfect life just to seek a few moments of thrill. Add Arnold Schwarzenegger to this list too and you get a pattern of married men going astray. Let us explore the reasons behind infidelity of men in marriage or relationship in this article.

Some men cheat intentionally, while some do it due to wrong influences or overwhelming feelings. The reasons are varied and differ from man to man. Infidelity has become a torture for the women who want their men to belong solely to them. The worst part about unfaithfulness is that, you may never know the reason for it and even if you find out, many times they are unacceptable. The most difficult thing about this issue is, to find out whether your man is cheating on you or not. In fact, it is observed that most men who cheat and do not want to get caught, keep their wives very happy and do not give her a chance to complain. But of course, this may not be true for all men. So ladies, please do not start doubting your husband or boyfriend just on the basis of this. Sometimes, women tend to take a simple relationship of friendship between a man and any of his female friend, in a wrong sense.
Why Do Men Become Unfaithful?
There are several reasons for why men cheat on women. But many surveys have found out that the main reason for infidelity in case of men is sex. Whatever may be the cause for dissatisfaction in a relationship, men try to comfort themselves by indulging in sexual activities with someone else.

Basically, there are different types of infidelities that are seen and they vary with respect to the time factor. The shortest type is the famous 'one-night stands/caps'. These last only for a single night and does not include any emotional ties. A level higher than this are the extramarital affairs, wherein the cheating man continues to be with his wife and has a mistress on the side.

In this case, the husband tries to hide the external relationship from his family. He may or may not get emotionally involved in the outside affair. If the involvement is limited, then he may leave the mistress rather than giving up his family. However, if the involvement outside is greater, he may separate from the family which is the worst type of infidelity.
A universal cause for such high rate of infidelity is the commitment and relationship issues that men seem to have. Many times they are scared of staying in a single relationship for a long time. This is true in case of men who enjoy the limelight or for the ones who feel highly insecure due to some past life experience. Many famous men are usually surrounded by young women who are attracted to these powerful men, and hence, are willing to initiate a relationship. In such cases, many men claim to have 'slipped' and done the mistakes unintentionally.

The low self-esteemed men who are involved in infidelity cheat women only for proving their potency. This type of show-off emerges due to the typical male dominance that compels the man to prove himself, specially if he is taunted to be no-good by the society.

Some do it only for the sake of enjoyment and change. Since they do not have to face any consequences of the physical relationship (pregnancy, children, etc.), they do not hesitate to try out variety. Moreover, it has become easy and cheap to get the variations without much trouble. Many rich blokes are addicted to the variation and find it difficult to be a 'one woman man'.
Infidelity in Marriage
One of the most common reasons that men give as a clarification for cheating on their partner is that they are not satisfied with their current relationship status. Their wife/girlfriend is not capable of satisfying them either physically or emotionally. Specially, if wife is very nagging, the guy gets frustrated and consequently is attracted to someone who is more understanding towards his feelings. Some even blame that their spouse has changed and is not the same as she used to be before. Any emotional, mental, or physical change in the wife/girlfriend or any other marital problems may be one of the reasons for infidelity.
Another odd reason for cheating is, seeking revenge on the partner. If the other partner i.e., the wife is involved in any extra-marital affair herself, then the husband finds it justifiable to cheat. "If she can cheat, why not I?", is the question that such a husband poses in his defense. This may be a lame excuse that many give, who doubt their wives' fidelity without confirming the facts. Some men are over-demanding and needy, and whenever they do not get the 'desired' response from their lady, they punish the woman by cheating on her.

Nowadays, men who are found having an affair with their colleagues or assistants defend themselves by saying that they are completely unaware when and how it happened. Since they spend majority time with each other, so naturally the closeness and understanding is more between them, which may eventually make them cross the boundary.
It is very difficult to judge why do men cheat on their wives. Sometimes they themselves do not have the exact answer to this question. Even though it is true that women cheat, the rate of infidelity is much higher in men everywhere.