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Why do Men Cheat on Their Wives?

Netrajit Laishram Jan 9, 2019
Why do men cheat on their wives is a mystery that many wives would be happy to get an answer to. There has been no definite answer to explain why do men cheat on their wives, but there are some reasons which may help you understand their psychology.
"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife," a virtue of monogamy, is a commandment extolled from the early days of the Bible. Men cheating on their wives is not a new thing and it is evident from the history of mankind. Men cheat even if they are aware that cheating is wrong.
Cheating is an act of infidelity, committed not only by men but also by women. A survey done in US indicated that around 52% of men and 44% of women cheated on their spouses. However, now it is being observed that the number of women cheating on men is also increasing.
Some of the cheating husbands reason that they feel loved and appreciated when they are with other women.

Ten Likely Reasons Why Men Cheat on Their Wives

The act of cheating can never be justified, however, the signs of a cheating spouse can be really helpful in zeroing in on the reasons for why do men cheat on their wives.

1. No More Love

Most men lose their love for their wives and it is difficult to breakup or divorce after a long marriage. So they turn to other women, for solace from the pain of a breakup.

2. No Physical Satisfaction

After a long married life, most of the wives lose their sexual drive, which is important to sustain a relationship. So men satisfy their unfulfilled sexual needs from other women.

3. No Sexual Attraction

Married women are less concerned about their appearance and beauty after marriage and begin to lose their sensuality. Men are sexually attracted to gorgeous women, which makes them cheat on their wives.

4. Cheating Wives

When a man finds out that his wife is cheating, he gets back at her by doing the same himself. Therefore, instead of confronting, they relieve their anger by cheating.

5. Challenging and Exciting

A feeling of adventure and thrill arises, when a man goes after a girl. This feeling acts as a stimulus for them to cheat. They cannot control themselves from cheating and enjoying the thrill, even if they are married.

6. Easy to Escape

Men tend to cheat when an opportunity comes up, as they feel that they are entitled to a little more love which they are not receiving from their partners. The knowledge that no one will find out and they won't be caught cheating, makes it easier to cheat.

7. Ego Booster

Most men wonder if they are sexually attractive to other women, after a long married life. When they discover that they are, they cheat as it gives a boost to their diminishing ego.

8. Opportunity Never Comes Twice

The opportunity of sexual intimacy with females, other than their wives, comes rarely. When it comes they cheat, thinking that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which will never come again.

9. A Nagging Wife

A nagging wife makes her husband feel trapped in a marriage. Relationship issues involving fights and arguments give the husband a strong reason to escape from the marriage bond and get into that no-commitment relationship.

10. Forgiving Wives

Many women have a habit of forgiving their husbands, in the hope that they would come back to them. This makes the husbands to continue cheating, until their wives do not confront them.
After learning the reasons on why do men cheat on their wives, it will be easier for wives to understand the mental makeup of their husbands. It will also make it easier for women to understand their husbands better to prevent them from cheating.