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Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Naomi Sarah Nov 20, 2018
The question on a lot of people's minds is, why do women stay in abusive relationships? Why put yourself through years of misery, when you can live life without having to look back over your shoulder and regret a choice well made? Let's take a look at why women compromise on being happy...
Many women get into relationships that are abusive in nature, because the men they're with only brought forth their true colors as time elapsed. Innocuous in the beginning, men can switch from charming to lethal in a matter of seconds. For Colored Women, is one such movie.
For Colored Women is a movie about black American women who go through the worst of life's cruelties, and survive ultimately through all that heartache and pain. One woman in particular was in a relationship with an ex-army man, raising two of his young kids in a small-sized, dinghy apartment.
He drank and smoked up all the time, abused her physically and verbally and was constantly struggling with issues from past army life. Never once did she confide in someone or take it upon herself to keep her kids away from him, refusing to marry him because she knew what that would do to the family.
More deluded than ordinarily, he goes into a fit one day when she returns from work for some important papers, holding his kids out of the window, convinced that they weren't his. Plunging to their death she was then left alone to deal with her negligence and pain over losing her two kids.
How many women don't know what to do when they're caught in a relationship that forces them to stay trapped, with no hope of ever escaping? There are a lot of reasons that answer the question of why do women refuse to walk away from an abusive relationship, which you will come to comprehend.

Why Women Convince Themselves to Stay Put in Abusive Relationships

Women need to understand that if they ever spot the signs of an abusive relationship like being spoken disrespectfully to, being clobbered constantly, excessive alcohol or drug abuse that fuel negative emotions from him or bouts of depression and anxiety that seem to rest like a heavy cloud over his head - then, it is time to pack up your things and leave.

In the Hope That He Will Change

Women, it is understandable that you can see that spark in a man with the potential to be great - he could be everything you've ever hoped for. In that hazy glimmer of hope, comes the conviction that it could take form, that Yes! he will change and will become the man you've always been hoping for.
No matter how much you try to convince yourself that he will change, your clouded judgment is just going to get foggier. How long can you handle the fights, the physical abuse, the constant betrayal that still keeps him on your list of girls to go back to, the sleepless nights, and those times you cried yourself to bed and prayed for a miracle.
How long will you tolerate those threats and his jealousy streak that rages out of control? Ask yourself how many more months and years you are willing to put up with this, when clearly he will not change - and even if he does, he will relapse right back into it.

For Security and Companionship

There are a lot of women out there who think that they'll never find another man. Some men even tell women blatantly that they'll never find another man to put up with them. Don't weld it into your head that this is true. You can do so much better than this - don't believe that statement that without a man in your life you cannot find happiness.
There are many single women who are happy and who appreciate being respected. It is not the end of the world if you opt to move on, leaving behind the abusive relationship that has taken hold of your life. Get your act straight, get help from someone who can offer support to get your life back on track and widen your social circle to get your mind off him.

Financial Support

Some women don't have jobs, and have kids that need to be financially supported and think that without a man to support them, they'll be in trouble. Looking out for a job now would seem like the perfect time, because to help yourself manage without this man in your life, should be your ultimate goal.
If things get a little too far with him being abusive to both you and your kids, then it is time you got in touch with child protective services.

Emotional Attachment

Women are so emotionally attached to men, that they overlook the abuse and still remain selfless and in denial. They think that he is the only one for them and don't come to terms with his flaws, which apparently take up more room than all your furniture put together.
Think of how it is causing tension and stress within your household and listen to what people have to say when they bear witness to what you're putting yourself through. There is hope for a better future, but without you taking that first step, nothing is bound to change anytime soon.

Being Threatened

A lot of women are beaten and bruised up because they try to leave their partners, but sadly to no avail. Some men intimidate women by making them believe that they will kill them or someone they're close to, if they try to escape or end the relation.
Blackmail is a common trait among those who abuse women, seeing that they have the upper hand with a woman they think has insubstantial convictions against him. Women have to stand up to these men if they know for a fact that they can't harm them, or go to the police if he seems like the sort otherwise.
Women who place themselves in an abusive relationship should understand how he is not the kind of person that is worth giving up one's entire life for, and dignity.
If you are afraid of doing the right thing, look for help in any way that you can, be it a psychiatrist, friend, family member or someone who can take control of the situation like the police, should things escalate to a point where it gets unbearable and dangerous. Find it in you to leave while you still can.