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Winter Date Ideas to Stay Warm and Cuddly in the Cold

Parashar Joshi Oct 19, 2018
It can be very difficult to come up with date ideas when it's freezing outside. Just read on for some romantic date ideas for you to plan this winter season.
It's the month of January! A month when the days are cold and the nights, even colder. The gentle blow of the cool, chilly breeze all day long, the beautiful descent of the soft, white snowflakes from the night sky ... winter truly gives romance a whole new face. So, how do you and your partner plan to make the most of it? Here are a few great ideas.

Romantic Ideas

Everywhere you go, it looks the same - cold and gloomy, cloudy and chilly. So what do you do? What are your possible dating venue options? If it's a first date, where do you go? Should you stay indoors, and plan an indoor date? Or should you brave the cold and head outdoors? Well, here are your answers.

» Cocoa on the Couch

If the weather's really bad, and neither of you wants to take a risk, then opt for an indoor date. It could be either at her place or yours. Make some lovely cocoa (or a mug of steaming hot chocolate!), a big bowl of caramel popcorn, rent a good movie, and snuggle up on the couch under a warm blanket. Simple, yet romantic!

» Ice Ice Baby

Now if you and your guy/girl are an adventurous, energetic couple, then this one's for you. Head out to the nearest ice rink for an hour of ice skating. Ice skating can be real fun (with its share of slips, falls, and bumps involved).

» Hit the Slopes

This is another good idea for all you sporty guys and gals, who don't mind taking a tumble or two in the snow. Pack your ski gear and head out to those slopes, pronto!
Snow skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding! There are plenty of winter sports to explore. But, ensure that you wear all the necessary protective gear.

» Snowball Fight

Now, summer's the time when you and your date can have a gala time playing all those wet 'n' splashy water balloon games; well, what about winter? The answer lies in one word - snow. Put on your gloves, tie your shoelaces, head out into the backyard, get a pile of snow, make a snowman and dress him up in a creative way. And yes, get into a snowball fight.

» Just Chill Out

It's cold and chilly out there, so as the title suggests, just relax and chill out. Do anything that the two of you feel like doing, that very moment.
Flick through old photographs, and relive your old days ... bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies together, cuddle up in front of the fireplace, and slip into the future as you nibble on the cookies.
In addition to the aforementioned ideas, you can even take a trip to the museum. It could be a welcome change from the usual malls, multiplexes, and restaurants.
It's funny how often the weather (be it sun, rain, or cold) plays a part in drawing us to such places which otherwise, would remain relegated to the tail end of our list of our date options.
After you're back from your ice skating adventures with tired legs and aching backs, you could give each other a nice, slow, sensual massage.
Quite a pleasurable way of warming things up in the winter, don't you think? So, go ahead and have a great time!