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Apology Letter for Cheating

Apology Letter for Cheating

Some of you may justify the act of cheating as being human, or a moment where you become vulnerable. Whatever your reasons for delving into infidelity, an apology letter for cheating would suffice if you can't do so face-to-face if you fail to express yourself through words...
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018
If there's one thing a man or woman can't stand if they honor commitment, is cheating. It is an ugly indulgence that a lot of people give in to, and one that is usually swept under the rug or carefully hidden from unsuspecting (or suspecting) partners. If you've cheated on your partner, the best thing to do is to own up to your mistake and apologize for it. Whether it'll end things or bear you a second chance if you're lucky is unknown.
Either way, it is better to muster the courage to apologize for your indiscretion. Many of you may find it hard to do this in person, so writing a letter through email and not by hand, is a better approach. At the end of the email you can give the person a chance to think it over and come up with the next course of action.
How to Write an Apology Letter for Cheating by Email
If it crossed your mind to scribble a letter of apology to your partner, think again - is this how you would like to be told about something you look down upon? Be considerate and write an email so that your partner has time to process the information and act out accordingly. Here's your sample email of an apology for cheating.
Dear (write your partner's name here),

I don't know how to begin this email. You may have suspected what I am about to reveal, or maybe you just trusted me enough to never conceive the thought, but in any case I have wronged you. What I did is inexcusable and downright unacceptable, and I don't know why I did it. I don't understand what got into me but I found myself deceiving you. I've been seeing someone (say this only if this is the case, otherwise mention if it was a one night stand, or a random encounter with an old ex or present friend) while we've been together, and I ended it last night after I realized what I was doing was wrong. It's been going on for a little over two weeks now (mention how long the affair has been ensuing, otherwise just tell him / her when the cheating occurred and how often) and it kills me every time I think of the way I'd lie to you constantly about being somewhere I wasn't, or caught up with work that never came up. I know that you're hurt upon knowing this, and I am truly very sorry for putting you through this.

I'd do anything to make our relationship (if you're married to him / her, change the status accordingly) work, and I know now that you are the only one I want to be with and no one else (if you wish to apologize and end things in a peaceful manner, word it out differently like - you deserve better or I wish I'd told you sooner but sadly things aren't working out for us, and I wish you well and I hope you hold no resentment for what I've done). I've not been myself but I've had time to clear my head and sort through the mess that's been crammed away in my mind, and I only hope and pray that you will give me another chance to prove that I am worth staying with. I will make it up to you till the day I die if I have to, and only hope that you find it within yourself to forgive me and reconsider anything that would separate us.

I do love you with all my heart (write your partner's name. If you're ending the relationship wish them well and apologize once more).

(Your Name)
It's not easy writing an email such as this, but it is an absolute necessity whatever the consequences. Be sure to word it out in a way that is not offensive, critical, or defensive. If you wish to point out why the cheating happened as a result of something your partner did, then mention this and justify your actions in a way that doesn't start an ugly argument. Think about if this relationship is what you want, and be honest more than anything else with your partner.