You Change in So Many Ways: Body Language of Someone in Love

Body Language of Someone in Love
Whoever has fallen in true love will agree to the fact that love changes you in many ways; not just mentally, but physically as well. The body language of someone in love is quite different and noticeable.
Love is a wonderful emotion that can make you go mad. "Love is in the air" is a very common saying. Love is something which makes you feel very different from within, and thus shows its signs in your body language. You might end up showing all of these signs unknowingly. And it is true that non-verbal communication is any day of more significance than just verbal talks. People are often confused whether they 'love' or 'like' someone, but liking is the initial stage of loving. Liking is something in which you might handle yourself, but not when in love. Love has its own body language, so if you love someone, then you are sure to show the love signals listed below.

The first signal shows in your eyes. Eyes can never lie; they always depict what you feel and for whom. Your eyes will always want to see that special someone, when in a group of friends or otherwise. Making eye contact is a common thing that people do when in love.

When you are in a common friend circle, you would always want to notice his or her reactions to each and every thing; say a joke or any pastime talk which is going on. You can say, you are looking for a chance to look at him/her.

If you are in love, you might be lost in your own world even though you are happy and the person is sitting right beside you. Many thoughts might come to your mind during that span, like whether s/he likes you, how you can tell him/her your feelings, or when you should confess your true feelings, etc.

You would want to talk with that person for hours and hours, but you would surely ignore him/her many a time, which you will realize too, but you would do it purposely. You won't feel good about it later, but you will be weird because you wanted to be. This might happen when you are really frustrated with yourself and wonder what you have done to yourself.

When at home, you would always want to chat with him/her or call him/her to know what's going on in his/her life. However, it is rather better to wait for his/her call or message. You will share every single thing with him/her and really enjoy those "talks", even though they are just for 5 minutes or so. Also, you will always go through the chats or think about what you spoke with him/her, later.

It is obvious that if you love him/her, then it means that you are attracted to him/her. Attraction is an important body language of someone in love. You will always want to be close to or lean towards him/her or sit next to him/her when in a friend circle. You will obviously feel awkward, but you will do that. This is very normal. The hormones do it. It's not your fault.

The second most important thing apart from your eyes is your smile. You will always smile when you talk to him/her, more precisely when you think about him/her. It won't be your normal smile. It will be 'different' somehow.

You would talk about him/her 24x7 with others, say your best friends and you would love doing the same.

The most important thing that will make you feel that you love someone is being happy. You will always feel good and be extremely happy when you are with him/her. You might forget all your problems and enjoy every moment of being with him/her.

The last of all is your mind. It will always think of him/her, especially while going to sleep. You will close your eyes and he/she is bound to come into your thoughts.

If you have started looking good suddenly and there is a glow on your face, it is a sure sign that you are in love. Your facial expressions will change and you will feel that you look very nice when looking in a mirror. You would also make it a point to look good all the time, at least whenever you meet him/her.

The body language shown by couples in relationships would always be something like being together all the time, caring, and understanding each other. They would rely on each other for everything and may honestly take each other for granted, since they 'have' each other. Being romantic and making love would also be on their mind; it's a definite love sign. Also, women would always want their partner to be with them during sad times. And mind you, women are very serious when they love someone; they want to spend their entire life with their partners. On the other hand, men want to fight alone because they feel that they have the strength to do so. However, they can be much more caring than their partners, because when they love someone, they can do anything for her.

A woman always wants that special someone to understand that she loves him and would always feel shy and reluctant in confessing first. She will wait until she is sure about the guys' feelings and would expect the guy to make the first move. A man is totally different. Even if he loves her, he will feel hesitant to confess because he is supposed to be the superior sex. He will want to take his own time to realize that he is in love, but when he does, he will surely end up confessing his feelings.

So, if you love someone, it's great. Choose the right guy/girl and make sure s/he likes you as well. Don't get carried away and never forget to look after yourself first.
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