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26 Adorably Cute Good Morning Texts to Send to a Guy You Like

26 Cute Good Morning Texts to Send to a Guy You Like
Bored of sending the everyday good morning text to him? How do you make his day? By just pushing a few buttons in your cell phone! This LoveBondings article does the work of a booster, and finds you some adorably cute good morning texts to send to the guy you like.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Girl, you may not get time (or the chance) to meet or connect with the guy you like on a daily basis. A cute morning text can be a great reminder to show him that you're there for him.
Many of us are not morning people. Receiving a cute good morning text can make the dullest and laziest of mornings bright. You want to warm their heart, silently telling them that you thought about them from the moment your eyes opened up.

Are you hesitating to send a text to your crush, thinking that they won't be impressed? You are having romantic feelings for them, without them knowing about it. Light flirting with a spice of romance can start up things for you. And one of the best ways to show that you care is wanting to wake them up with a smile. Try out these cute and flirty text messages, and tell us if it worked for you.
Good Morning Texts to Send to the Guy You Like!
A simple good morning text, followed by a compliment for the guy you like, will do wonders. Try something like this:
Good morning, handsome! :-*
Who won't get a smile on receiving such a morning text?
Serious issue: Can't stop thinking about you!!
I know you have a busy day ahead, but could you consider me in your to-do-list?
This is for boosting your man's ego in just a few words.
Wake up hot stuff! I've been missing you the whole night.
Alert! The hottest-looking man in the world has just woken up!
Coffee addicts? We have something for you!
Do you have any relation with the coffee beans? Because I can't think of starting my mornings without you.
He'll definitely love it, 'cause he may think that you are really stuck in some situation.
Ugh! Sorry to disturb your sleep this early. But I have a problem. Can't stop thinking about you!
Poetic texts are adorable. Let him get the Shakespeare feel :D
No tea or coffee can compare the feeling that you give me. Good morning! :-*
This projects as a flirty text, but actually conveys that you like him, and wish to spend your life with him (waking up next to him every morning).
I can't wait to wake up right next to you! ;-)
Wake him up à la girlfriend style!
Hey cutie-pie, the morning's here. Open your arms and please hither.
Wake up sleepyhead!
Wakey wakey! Yummy eggs and bakey.
Morning (the guy's name)! Did you have a sound sleep? Or you too spent the whole night dreaming about us? (like I was )
How is the most handsome man on the earth doing this morning?
Simplicity at its best.
Your thoughts are all over my mind. They get me smiling, and brighten my morning!
The text that makes him realize that he is successful in making you feel comfy and warm, no matter how dark it is on the inside.
It may be raining outside, but all I feel is sunny inside. Thanks to you.
Let him know that even when the two of you are apart, you think of him.
I dreamt of you all night. Morning!
Good Morning Texts for Your Boyfriend!
Your sleepy face,
A cute yawn,
A mug of coffee,
All that's missing
Is a text from me!
Morning baby! :*
Morning is the loneliest part of my day, the time when I need you the most. Missing your cuddles and super-warm hugs.
How about a cozy selfie together to cherish this morning?
Wishing a great morning to the person who's the reason I wake up every morning. I love you!
Why does the night end so soon? I need more time to dream about the guy who gives me goose bumps. xoxo
I hate the fact that I need to text you to wish you morning. Instead I should have been with you right there to give you morning hugs. -_-
I can't say what is more sexy-the thought of meeting you in few hours, or the dream I had last night.
Your morning coffee recipe: A dozen cuddles + 5 cups of kisses + 10 teaspoons of my love.
Hope you like it! ;-)
Morning honey! Before you wish me, let me tell you that I had a terrible night without you. Waiting to see you soon.
Good morning Mr. Handsome!
It's just another day I'll fall for you harder.
Just another day that I'll crave for you deeper.
Just another day when things aren't going right.
Just another day, when you make it all alright.

Oh, and wake up, 'cause I'm on my way to Starbucks.
Now what? Grab your phone and type that text. Don't forget to press that "send"!