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Going Through Hard Times in a Relationship

Going Through a Hard Time in a Relationship? Some Great Tips Here

Relationships involve a lot of time and effort to be invested. If you are going through hard times in a relationship, read into the article below for a comforting approach.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
"Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you're really strangers." ~ Mary Tyler Moore
There is no specific definition for a relationship, as it is simply an unexplainable feeling you might or might not have with an individual. But whether it is your dad you don't get along with, or a spouse you don't think appreciates your efforts, a lover who's been unfaithful to you or simply a friend who hasn't fulfilled your expectations, relationships can get hard to survive. No matter how much we ignore the fact that love is not something we need, just a little affection towards us can make us feel an emotion which is called, "care".
Somebody once told me, that no relationship is perfect, but you have to find the imperfections and learn to live with them, that's when you know the effort is worth it. Everything in life has two sides, and relationships are no exception to this. These can give you the most beautiful moments in life as well as the worst, but you have to learn something new from each of these experiences. If you are going through hard times in a relationship, you need to understand that there is no point in making the situation worse but battle it bravely. In the coming up paragraphs, you can find out what are the things you could do while you are going through this phase in life.
Surviving Tough Times in a Relationship
All of us go through rough patches in our lives, where the situation is not in our favor and things get so bad that we lose hope and faith in ourselves. However, the best thing to do while dealing with such issues is to battle the problems with a strong and positive approach. Being a happy person, not losing faith in yourself and building the confidence that you will get through this phase without breaking down are some of the things you need to hold on to. Don't give up on yourself. There are many beautiful things in life which you can explore and learn.
Positivity is Always a Start
Relationship problems can drain out all the positivity from you, leaving you devastated and unable to see the good things in life. But if you lose your optimism, you lose more than half the battle. Thus, if you want to deal with your hard times, you need to make attempts to be positive and happy. There are many ways by which you can do this, the most basic one being engaging yourself in something that won't remind you of your pain. When you build a positive approach to your problems, you can find simpler solutions to dysfunctional relationships and you could get through these hard times faster.
Find Something to Do
As I said earlier, when you find something you like to do such as practicing a hobby or traveling, you forget your problems temporarily. This can help you deal with the situation appropriately, not making it a bigger mess. Some people get stressed out, some go into depression and some even take up addictions. Rather than getting depressed or falling into bad habits, you must pick a hobby and involve yourself so your mind is at peace, (sometimes listening to music helps) making it easier for you to cope with the pain. A number of people find meditation very helpful, but I would suggest you engross yourself in your hobbies or activities you like doing.
Learn to Forgive
Do some self-evaluation. When you are alone, you get all the time to discover both positive and negative things about yourself. This helps you realize that you too are not perfect, and you too might have some role to play in the difficult situation you are in today. Even though you can't forget the hard times easily, forgiving people is not a difficult thing to do. Forgiveness can solve half of your problems. With this you would be out of your hard times in no time!
Relationships are like narrow two way streets where traffic jams are a part of the deal! But if your relationship with your parents, your spouse or lover, your children or even your friends, is becoming a cause of constant worry, don't give up on them. Remember them for the good that they have taught you.