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How Can you Tell If a Guy Likes you in Middle School

Here's How You Can Tell if a Guy Likes You in Middle School

Think he's got it for you? Finding it difficult to unveil his exact feelings? Not any more!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
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There are times when you feel that a particular guy really has it for you. But how can you ever be sure if he doesn't say it? Those stolen glances tell you that there is something, but what exactly? Your friends catch him staring at you all the time. His interest in your activities and your life is clear, but is that just because he's a good friend? That's a lot of confusion to sort out, isn't it? But if there is this one guy, who you think likes you, and somewhere you like him too, it's time you find out for sure.
Deciphering His Feelings
Exclusive Attention
The best way to know if he likes you is to notice if he gives you undivided attention all the time. If you and your friends are discussing something, he'll be more attentive when you talk. If you want to talk to him about something, he'll never say no. He'll listen to you complain, rant, and chatter away to glory, without any objection. Basically, he'll always give you attention―whether you expect it at that moment or not.
Special Gestures
Special gestures include all the obvious signs that he shows. He will get you flowers on all occasions such as Friendship's Day, Valentine's Day, Rose Day―whenever he sees an opportunity. He'll always ask you if you need help with homework or a project. He might help you with something when you haven't even asked for his help in the first place. He might offer to drop you home on his way or wait with you till your bus arrives. His chivalry will be extremely opportunistic.
Stolen Glances
In between all those classes, in the corridors, and in the canteen, you'll see him steal glances now and then. He'll be looking at you every chance he gets and the moment you look at him, he'll look away. You might see his friends tell him of your (much awaited) presence in the class. If you do happen to catch him look at you, he might just smile shyly and look away.
Flirting Signs
He'll try to flirt with you every chance he gets. He'll shower you with compliments and might even slip in his feelings while in conversation. He might have those witty comments ready every time you both happen to talk. He might ask you out for coffee often. He'll try to compliment you in a way that the compliments will make you blush.
He'll always want to know more about you and your life. He'll ask you who your closest friends are and what your parents do. He'll want to know the people you don't like and what kind of people you like. He'll also want to know what you do all day and what hobbies interest you. He'll try to have as much information as he can. You'll get a feeling that he wants to know everything about you.
It's not very complicated, is it? Understanding whether he likes you or not, isn't very difficult to conclude, really. However, if he's not confessing his feelings for quite some time now, there might be a possibility that you misinterpreted something.