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How to Act Around a Guy You Like

How to Act Around a Guy You Like? 5 Tips, and You Got it Made!

Advising on how to act around a guy you like isn't easy as every guy is different. There are many ways in which you can make someone fall for you. While doing so, being yourself is the key to a long-lasting relationship.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
- Dr. Seuss
You saw this guy at a party and could soon sense some feelings surfacing. You tried to avoid them, but that something special kept making itself evident every now and then. Somehow you managed to get yourself an introduction through a common friend. You get talking and realize you are actually speaking a lot. Too many things in common is always a good thing, isn't it? Both of you exchange numbers and meet up a few times over coffee. Your feelings for him won't curb down and his on the other hand, don't seem to leave the ground at all. You start wondering if something is really going wrong somewhere. Are you behaving in a manner that you shouldn't?
Bang! Realization finally hits! But then, what do you do now? Are there some laid-down rules you need to follow? Well, not really! However, there are certain things you should completely avoid in front of a guy you like; a few of these are mentioned below. These will surely help you stay in his mind for good. Just follow the 5 simple tips mentioned below and in no time, you will observe great positive changes!
How You Should Act Around a Guy You Like
Keep It Simple, Silly
The first lesson is to keep everything simple. Guys like girls who are sorted out and easy to be with, but difficult to get. Keep your opinions, suggestions and advice on most things simple and clear. When you are with him, don't complicate things unnecessarily. Don't try to ask him too much about himself and don't tell too much about yourself. If he asks you a question, answer it and if you don't want to, tell him you can't and why you can't do so. Too much of information right from the start, leaves less to discover later. If you don't like something about him, tell him nicely. Do not act in a way that implies what you think, keep it straight. Even the relationship status should be simple. Either you are friends or you are dating. A girl who is very easy, is hardly ever taken seriously! Even if you love the guy, no dignity for yourself, will mean less respect in his eyes!
Say No to the Jealousy Act
While knowing how to act around a guy you like, always remember this one lesson. Never try to make him jealous. No guy likes competition in the slightest form. There will be times when you might want to show him that you can get anyone you want. However, at such times, he's just going to think that you can settle for anyone and have no feelings for him. If you like a guy, the first you need to do is maintain a healthy distance from other guys. Let him know that you are a girl who takes time in knowing someone. There may be men who fall for you during this time, but if you have your eyes on this one guy, set good boundaries for others. Since at the moment you aren't getting much attention from him, you might like it from someone else. However, you have to consciously remember that this will work against you!
Healthy Flirting
Just being sweet and simple is not enough as this doesn't show your feelings for that guy. It's all about maintaining a perfect balance. Maybe he is waiting for some sort of a signal from your side to proceed. Guys take time to understand, so it's important that you show him you like him. Flirt a little, but keep it more witty and intelligent than romantic or sensuous. Healthy flirting should exist in every relationship. Flirt with him once in a while, and he'll know you are thinking exactly what he's thinking. Also, he will understand a different side of yours and would want to know more. Flirting helps in many ways and there is not one reason why you shouldn't resort to it. Say something with double meaning once in a while and smile slyly. This will surely surprise him. However, don't look desperate.
Show Him What You Are
If you want a guy to notice the good in you, you have to show it to him. Even then, he might take some time to realize. Get your attitude in front of him and flaunt it. The more he likes something about you, the more he likes you. Make sure he doesn't see your weak points that often, like, your temper or your vulnerability. If you are a good student, make sure he knows about it. If you are a good cook, tell him about that too. This would also be a great excuse to invite him over for dinner. This way, he'll know a lot of stuff about you that is good. This might make you look like a great prospect, if you don't already seem like one. Once in a while, also let him know about the things you like in him.
Dress to Attract
This isn't the most important tip, but it surely cannot be ignored. Guys understand physical attraction better than anything. They are immediately attracted to girls who look good. Attracting guys can take time, of course. If you are looking for a long-term, committed relationship, concentrate more on looking pretty and beautiful than looking hot. Pretty, well-dressed girls always come across as sweet. Your appearance and the way you dress is your first communication with a person, before you even speak. If you're dressed in an erotic manner or are careless about hygiene, the guy will be repulsed immediately. He might reject you even before he speaks to you. When you are around him, always try to be the simple, pretty and (not very irritatingly) innocent girl.
Once you use these tips that tell you how to act around a guy you like, you will be able to tell the things that are improving the situation, and ones which aren't. Always remember to respect the guy you like and make him feel comfortable. Guys take a long time to express their emotions and the only way they can do this sooner, is if they find a comfort zone. Try to build this comfort zone for him. Be his emotional backup and his companion in good times! That's all you need to do. When you are with him, be physically and mentally present. Soon, he'll value your company and eventually, he'll start valuing you as a person. Best of Luck!
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