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How to Choose Between Two Guys You Like

Listen to Your Heart: How to Choose Between Two Guys You Like

Thought it was never possible to like two people at the same time? Ah! Reality speaks otherwise? Let's see what we can do.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Choosing between two guys, is it? Now, before we proceed to sorting out the confusion, think. When did all this confusion get added to your life? Is one of them your boyfriend? Is your present relationship worth giving up? While we help you in clearing this confusion once and for all, we also have some relationship advice for women that you must read.
Compare Compatibility and Comfort
This will make you realize who you are more comfortable with. It's very important to share a comfort zone with the person you love. Being truly in love and having no comfort, doesn't make any sense. Give yourself a space check. Understand who makes you feel more comfortable, or rather, who takes more efforts to make you feel comfortable. Who are you more compatible with? Who is more fun to be around?
Effective Efforts
Answer these three questions and you'll have your answer. Who makes an effort to make you feel confident? Who makes an effort to make you smile? Who makes a genuine effort to come see you even if it's for five minutes? Once you have the answers to these questions, you'll understand who treasures you more.
Understanding the Unsaid
There are times when the other person understands just what you want to do or want to say. This person knows you better than you think he does. This person tries figuring out what you want, every time you can't say it. Which one of the guy knows you better? Who knows everything good and bad about you? Who has taken efforts to help you say things you found difficult to speak of?
Count the Commitment
What were his past relationships like? Is he a 'no commitment' person? Does he have a problem in making a relationship last? Does he get bored quickly? Who has had a lot of girlfriends? What are your views about commitment? What has your past been like? Who do you share common views with in terms of loyalty and commitment?
Ask Yourself
Who do you think of while watching romantic movies? If you get a romantic text, who do you forward it to? If you're in trouble, however small, who do you think of getting in touch with? Albeit unknowingly, in these circumstances, we always chose a person we love. Who is this person out of the two?
It's never easy to come to a decision. This is because we can never grade love with a quantity. However, what you can do, is look inside yourself. You'll find all the answers you need.
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