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How to Express Your Feelings to Your Boyfriend

Innumerable Ways: How to Express Your Feelings to Your Boyfriend

You have so much to say to your boyfriend but can't think of where and how to begin? Well, here is how to express your feelings to your boyfriend or husband, through small romantic gestures.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
We all know that when it comes to being vocal, women rule the roost. Most of the time, we just like to listen to compliments and affectionate words from our lover. Of course, there was a time during the initial phases of the relationship, when letting him know how you felt about him, through words and actions was necessary, so as to drive the point home. Nonetheless, as time progresses and we begin to feel settled into the security of our respective relationships, we all at some point in time tend to take our partners for granted. They know we love them, and so do we; but would it not be better, just to be reminded of this little, not-so-secret fact?
For a surety, women feel so good about themselves when they know that their partners are still as crazy about them as before, or may be even more so. Then why do we forget that men too would feel at cloud 9, if we just whispered little nothings into their ear, once in a while? And do remember there are far more creative and naughty ways on how to express your feelings to your boyfriend or husband, than a simple, 'I Love You'. So why not begin today with some basic tips that can add quite the spark into your relationship!
How to Let Him Know that You Care
It is often said that actions speak louder than words, a fact; but sweet words spoken never hurt. A combination of the two would definitely ignite his feel good factor. Here are a few tips on LoveBondings that will show you some of the little things that you can try doing for your beloved:
Thank Him
Yes, you should be thankful for all that he has done for you and for the way he makes you feel safe and loved. Let him know that he is a blessing in your life and you are glad that you are together. Also let him know how much you appreciate the little things he does for you, even if they feel like mundane daily tasks; such as the fact that he drops you to your workplace, or that he comes along for shopping with you, or that he cooks you dinner, because he knows that you'd be too tired to come back from work and cook, or that he stays up the entire night to get the baby to sleep, just because he wants you to get your much-needed rest. These tiny things are often ignored, because we are so lost in the things that need to be done next. Observe the things he does for you and appreciate them, instantly. Thank him for his presence in your life.
Do Things for Him Differently
Here's the catch; we all know that we do and say things to them, but somehow they get lost in translation. So it's time to do things differently! How do you suppose you do that? Well, it's fairly simple; all it would need is some imagination. For instance, the laws of attraction require that we abide by them and not lose track of them.
Here are some things you can do for him:
  • You can do simple things like taking him out for a romantic candlelight dinner, or you could create the same ambiance in your own house, at the backyard or on the terrace, by lighting up candles and incense all over the room. You could have an assortment of his favorite and rarely enjoyed dishes, which you can cook for him. And do not forget his favorite wine.
  • You could do some of his work for a day, such as help him clean the car or his bike. You could help him reorganize his work room at home.
  • You could drive him to office and pick him up sometimes.
  • You could take him for a baseball game, when his favorite teams are playing. If you wish you could let him go with his best friend who has been dying to go too! This will be greatly appreciated, as you will be offering him his own guys' time with friends. Or you could simply go along with him if you too enjoy baseball or football. Whatever suits you, do that!
  • Or you could take him for a romantic stroll, where both of you take funny photos of each other. Take joyrides, and enjoy candy floss, just like we all did when we were kids.
  • You could plan a Sunday picnic for just the two of you or invite his best friends and family to join you. Take them to a calm, serene place, besides a lake, where they can all go swimming or try fishing for a change. Make it into a pot luck so that every one brings along their best dishes, so that there is more variety. Don't forget to take packs of chilled beer and fruit juices as well!
  • Go on a trek together, to a place you both have been planning to visit.
  • A cute way to express your feelings is to make small gift baskets for your boyfriend, which contain an assortment of items that would come handy or things that he needs. Try leaving small gifts for him at the places where he is known to frequent.
  • Use post aids containing loving as well as naughty words that you can leave on his locker, or his car's windshield. You can even use your lipstick to write messages for him on the mirrors at home.
  • Make handmade gifts for him. Paint a T-shirt or make a calendar with photos of all the important people in his life, which would include members of his family, best friends, and his pets. And yes, do not forget to add yourself.
  • Start messaging each other again, and write your own love messages for him. These messages should encapsulate your feelings in a few words. This gesture will keep him curious as well as feeling great!
  • Buy him something that he has been craving for, this one is an amazing surprise. See if it's within your budget. If not, try saving up for it.
  • If your guy is not with you, or has gone away for work to a distant land, you can still make him long for you. Send him newly clicked photographs of you, with every email or letter sent. He will be thrilled beyond measures. Men like visual reminding, so the two of you can still show each other, how much you miss each other through small gestures like these.
  • P.S.: Do spray some perfume on the letter or on one of your scarfs for him to have as a keepsake. He will love it! Fragrance always triggers memories. So go ahead and give this tip a try too...
The little things that couples say and do, can strengthen their bond further. Communication is the key, because we as humans need to be constantly reminded through words about the way we feel about each other. Say what comes to your mind. It may not sound romantic to you, but he will find it adorable just because it's coming from a person who means a lot to him. You can let your imagination run wild and come up with your own ideas for expressing your feelings to your boyfriend, fiance, or spouse, no matter how long you've been together as a couple. Like they say, it's never too late to let your feelings be known.
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