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How to Get a Quickie Divorce

How to Get a Quickie Divorce

As the name rightly suggests, a quickie divorce is meant for those who want to avoid the lengthy legal proceedings. Here is a brief overview about this provision.
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While the decision to divorce in itself can emotionally affect the person, the court proceedings that follow can be more taxing. In some cases, it may even drag for a few years. Such legal proceedings may also affect the parties financially, as they have to dole out hefty amounts as fees for divorce attorneys. So couples often search for quicker methods to get a divorce. Quickie divorce can be a boon for such people.

As stated above, this type of divorce is meant for those who want to avoid the lengthy legal hassles associated with the traditional divorce procedure. It is also viewed as more economical, as compared to the regular legal proceedings. However, this provision may not be applicable to all couples, as there is a basic criteria; and the petitioners have to fit in that criteria to become eligible for a quickie divorce. As in case of regular divorce proceedings, you may do away with attorneys in quickie divorces too. However, it is always better to seek expert advice regarding the legality of this type of divorce and the related formalities.

What is a Quickie Divorce?

It is an expedited legal process through which, couples can obtain a divorce within a short period of time. As per this provision, attorneys have more powers, and even the residential requirements are relaxed. In most cases, residents of other states are allowed to file a petition for divorce. The presence of the parties may not be necessary, as their attorneys are allowed to represent them. The parties themselves can fill in the form and file the petition, thereby saving the service charges of divorce lawyers. Even if you appoint an attorney, the short-term proceedings will save the fees that could have been charged throughout the proceedings.

Eligibility Terms

Even though this type of divorce is a faster process, it is not meant for all couples, who wish to file a petition for divorce. As mentioned above, there are some basic requirements, that can make a person eligible for a quickie divorce. The primary requirement is the consensus between the parties. In other words, the parties must agree to the terms and conditions of divorce. If there are no kids, or if the kids are over 18; then also, you may not face any problem, as there are no issues regarding child custody and child support. If the parties reach a mutual agreement regarding custody and support of minor children, then, there are chances that they become eligible for this type of divorce. If there is any unresolved issue between the parties, then a quickie divorce petition may not work. If one of the parties disagree to sign the papers, then also this procedure will fail.


Make an inquiry about the divorce laws of your state. If there is no provision for a quickie divorce in your state; then locate those neighboring places, where it is allowed for non-residents. Contact a divorce attorney, and get a clear idea about the provisions in that region. Apart from that, make sure that such a divorce, if granted, is valid and legal.

You may also straightaway fill the necessary forms for a quickie divorce personally. You can get the forms from the local Court Clerk's Office. You may also search online for divorce forms in the particular state. Fill the forms and file with the proper court. As far as the procedure is concerned, it is almost similar to the regular one. One of the parties has to file a petition for dissolution of marriage. After that, the other party will be served with the necessary documents, that have to be signed and returned. Once the submission of documents is over, the presence of parties and oral testimony may not be required. After a waiting period of 90 days, the judge will declare the marriage void. In some regions, the procedure is expedited upon the request of the parties, and the divorce is granted within a month.

In the United States, Nevada is known for the record number of quickie divorces. Even countries like the Dominican Republic grant such divorces to residents of foreign countries. In short, getting a quickie divorce is very simple, but it will be better to check the validity beforehand. Always consult an expert attorney, for proper guidance.