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How to Know if a Guy Has a Crush on You? You Asked, We Answered

How to Know if a Guy has a Crush on You
When a guy falls hard for a girl, he usually doesn't know how to mask his attraction for her. He often fumbles up, stares long enough for her to take notice, and is in most cases acquainted with her. If this guy who's crushing on you is a close friend or just one of many guys you know, you'll quickly pick up on the signals he's sending you. But if he's someone you don't know of, then it could be a little difficult to judge.
Uttara Manohar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
From school and college, to pretty much any place you hang out at too often, a guy can check you out and like you over time. Depending on whether the guy is bold or shy, it might take some effort to find out if he is interested in you.

By studying aspects of his body language, one can get very good at this, allowing you to make your move if you want to. Let's find out what signs he's portraying for you to decipher.
Signs a Guy Has a Crush on You
When a guy is really into a girl he's bound to get a little 'too' talkative around her. Pick up on little signs like harmless flirtatious comments, constant complimenting, or the classic big smile and over-the-top greeting when he firsts sees you in the day.
Some guys can be really subtle, so check out for things like extra help being offered for whatever it is that comes up, be it for a major project or assignment with a fast-approaching deadline. Watch how he opts to be in your team during projects, or prefers to sit next to you during class instead of with the boys.
Does he love having lunch with you everyday or as often as he possibly can? Guys want to be vague about it, but it's pretty clear that he'd rather have all that free time with you instead.
Does he offer to give you a ride when you need to walk home alone or wait for the bus? Or does he tell you one day in advance that he'll come by to pick you up instead of you driving to your destination? That should tell you how he's trying to get you to see that he cares about how you commute.
Has he ever taken you out on group outings where he doesn't want you to feel like you two are on a date? Guys tend to first get a girl to join them on group ventures in the hope that they can corner her eventually once the habit gets old.
He'll call once in a while, but text quite often even if he's had plenty of time with you all day.
He'll also seem concerned and offer to drop by your place if you don't show up for class.
Your conversations will turn from ordinary to personal within weeks, where you two could hit it off as good friends initially and who knows, maybe as a couple if he's lucky enough to get you to like him too.
He'll suggest that you wear a particular outfit again because you looked your prettiest/hottest in it, for that is how he envisions you.
The nail-hitting question that a lot of guys ask if they want to think of you as a possible girlfriend, is whether you're single or not.
He'll ask you out on random outings that are casual but are in fact his way of having you alone with him. It could be at the movies or a junk food joint.
He isn't afraid to stand up for you if you're the subject of bullying or trouble, since his protective nature comes forth when he really likes someone.
You'll know his intentions are "hit-it-and-leave" if he flirts in a way that makes you uncomfortable or if he touches you "accidentally". Watch out for the signs for about a month or more, and find out in due time if the guy's genuine or just looking for fun.
People he knows will start to tease him when you're within earshot; overhearing these comments should peak your interest.
Usually when a guy is coy in his behavior, it means that he's shy / nervous and hasn't a clue on how to impress / approach you. Be open to such guys, for they are rare but at the same time don't be too overly friendly or inviting to give him the idea that you're easy. Good luck.