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Watch the Moves: 5 Signs He is Interested in You

5 Signs He's Interested in You
Does he like you? Is your crush interested in you? Can't figure out? Read on to know some signs that reveals the depth of his affection towards you.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Men aren't that great with the hide and seek game. They are blunt, obvious, and straight with their feelings. So, it's easy to spot those signs he's into you. But if you've found yourself a man, who's too reserved to show what he feels, don't be disheartened. He may be wearing a magical smile with the light in his eyes; but if you still aren't sure about him, it's OK. Men are like an open book, so reading their mind is a piece of cake.
How to Tell if He Likes You

Men in love, go out of their way to make their presence felt. He will try to occupy your every thought. He will remind you of his existence with every breathing moment of your life. And how does he do this? Messages. Text messages, messages on social networking sites, messages on your mail account, and messages everywhere you go. He will use sappy old forwards as conversation starters. And then it begins... the romantic good morning messages, cheerful good afternoon messages, and the sweetest good night messages.
Let's Catch Up
Through messaging he will indicate his interest in meeting you. If you both have common friends, he will first try to catch your eye. Take my word for it, confident eye contacts are the signs that he likes you. He will try to lock eyes with you, because that's his only way of showing his interest in you. Men may put out a very strong image of themselves, but on the inside, they do harbor an emotional drive. Initially, he will insist on group activities such as meeting with friends, watching movies, clubbing, and other stuff that involves other people.
He'll Be There
He'll be there no matter what. He will pick you up from any place, even if he has to drive to the other end of the city. He will drop you back home in the middle of the night, just to make sure you get back home safe and sound. He will dial your number, just to hear your voice, and then hang up without saying a word. He will go out of his way to help in whichever way he can. If you thought chivalry was dead, here's your chance to see it come alive.
Effective Listener
He will be patient with your complaints and offer to help you out. He will show equal excitement in your feats and cheer you up if you ever come across a defeat. With a display of his effective listening skills, you will definitely find out whether he likes you as much as you like him.
Close Up
Once he's tried his best to know you (spending time, helping you out, talking to you etc..etc..), it means he has marked his territory, and now it's time he captures it. And how does he do it?? Obviously, by getting closer to you. This does not mean he is making a sexual advance. Since they can't bark or pee around like dogs to mark their territory, men get closer, physically (like touch or a hug), to show it. So, the sure signs he likes you, will be when he will give you excuses such as he can't hear you and brings himself closer. He will sit next to you and will always offer a bike ride home. He will give you a hand or hug you every time he meets you or says goodbye.
If your crush has been showing them, reciprocate to take things forward. As earlier stated, men aren't very secretive about their feelings. You just need to keep your eyes open and watch his moves. Good luck!
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